Thursday, 15 January 2015

One Drawer Before Bedtime

On I go with The January Cure. Today Janel Laban from Apartment Therapy asked me kindly invited me to de-clutter one drawer. ONE. That's enough.

AFTER: right side of the drawer and tray

 To put it in Janels words:

"After your drawer clearout (don't go crazy now - stick to the pace and just do one), share your progress with us all - which drawer got the treatment and how did it go?"

How did it go?

Easy, spontanuous and effortless, joyfull, simple ... surprisingly easy.

Here you see the clutter from the drawer photographed above, where it belongs:
So to say the BEFORE, already outside the drawer: Broken electronic-stuff

Inside the drawers is a tray which moves from the left side to the right side. The fun started, when Mr Paula looked at the tray BEFORE, containing all the stuff I had chosen to throw away and agreed to throw it away.

Of course I did test the SONY walkmen, enjoyed listening to South Corean pop music from the 60's for 3 minutes and some 1997-R'nB and knew: this little fellow does not work properly. Adios.

The emptied tray now contains batteries, all of them checked for power, USB-Sticks and a pouch with our subscribtion to the theatre, including vouchers (don't ask me, how and when the theatre nested in the audio/visual-drawer. It works and so it stays in this place)

The bottom left part (underneath the tray) is dedicated to the radio: recording device, chargers, MP3 Player, earphones)

The right part is the visual section: chargers for my cameras, SD Cards (in the blue box) and one small handy camera

AFTER: Left part of the drawer and parts of the tray

This drawer is part of a chest of drawers I grew up with. My mother used to store the silver cutlery in this exact drawer, with the tea spoons and cake forks on top in the tray and the large knives, spoons and forks below. And I loved to polish it. I like it how multifuntional this drawer is, it serves me well, especially now that it half empty. :-)

I am totally aware that postings like this one are the reason why people raise their eyebrows, when it comes to bloggers. Photos of so-so drawers? Really?
Haha. Ok, it does feel silly, to post my drawer. I guess I am the first here to raise my eyebrows. So what. I like the photos and the result. 

Not to forget: these photo represent a huge part of "me". My favourite activities ever since I left school - and even before!

Have a good night!

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