Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Landing Strip


I have never heard the term "landing strip" until The January Cure mentioned it in one if its assignments.
Maybe you are also not so familiar with the term? Here you can find the definition.

Seems like I had a day off the "Cure" today, because this is how our landing strip welcomes us every evening, not a lot to fix:

You find an empty hook to the left, lots of space for bags and the mail and to the right you see the edge of the clothes-rail ...

...  which serves as minimalist, but unfortunately a quite practical hook for my keys.

I could use a hook for the keys, but somehow I manage to hang them on that not so secure and of the rail and they rarely fall down onto the wooden floor. When they do, it's a really unpleasant noise. So maybe a hook. For the keys.

This is the hook to the left, a close-up: 
 I found this aluminium hook a while ago in the street. It was resting next to a public garbage container, still attached on a wooden board. I am glad I did not hesitate to bring it home.

Walking further into the apartment, my shiny sink greets me

 ... accompanied by a shine stove. A shiny stove is at least as important as a shiny sink. Trust me.

Oh, the clutter free closet with ONLY baking goods! Candles = definitely baking goods. What would a birthday cake be without candles. Now I know where to find them.
Sorry for this snobbish portrait of my oven. The oven is already 13 years old and you must believe me, we are power users. This oven is the result of one of the weekend assignments of the january cure. The one that did not leave time for taking care of the fridge.
 Slowly but steadily we are turning towards the more messy parts of the apartment, here is Outbox #1, things I am going to donate and ...
 Outbox #2, things that belong to friends and family.

All over the place you find bits and pieces of last weeks flowers. They already lasted 2 weeks.

 and some ... well .... project. There was a heavy storm a few days (weeks?) ago and I did not dare to leave the windowboxes outsidem now that they are lightweight. Ever since they have been populating our living room.
Yes, they are exactly as ugly as they appear in this photo.

Last but not least the chest of drawers in the bathroom, same goes here as with the entrance hall: everyday appearance. The chest of drawers is an old ALIBERT. My grandmother owned it, now I own it and I see no reason why I should replace it with something new. But this was not the question, right?


Good night!

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