Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Venice Travel Diary

Hello again!

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of exploring Venice and the Lido di Venezia. I've enjoyed the stay so much (and due thanks to my conservative nature), I've decided to revisit the Lido in autumn. This behaviour is not new to me. I know it all to well from previous Hamburg-trips (3 times back in 2012). One time is never enough.

EDIT Dec 2016:
The 2016 Venice Travel Diary so far: 

The view from our apartment

This time around we'll leave the car where it belongs: in Austria and travel by train. There is simply no need for a car in Venice. Well, cars do have a purpose: they serve as accessoires in images:

Ferryboat "Lido di Venezia" heading towards the Lido di Venezia

It feels sooo good to revisit a place which you like and where you've earned a certain degree of street fondamente smartness.

Neighbourhood @ Lido di Venezia

In May the Lido smelled heavenly. Back in Vienna I had to buy an intense white floral perfume. Jasmine!  What scent will be my souvenir in autumn?

Arsenale in May 2016
La Biennale, Arsenale May 2016

Those of you who know "Come fly with me" know ...

Now that I look at the photos, I notice that they have something in common (besides the water): Movement! Slowly but surely. :-)
Like always, I am going to take plenty of time at my hands.


Fuji Superia 200/camera Canon AE-1
Kodak Portra 160/camera YashicaMat124G
JPGs out of cam/Sigma DP2 Merrill


  1. Replies
    1. There is nothing like a timeless classic!

  2. Venice is my favourite city - no cars! I've visited many times and at different times in the year and it has always been a lovely experience. Wishing you a happy autumn holiday.

    1. There are so many side effects to be appreciated.
      Imagine: I am a big fan of a city where it is impossible to ride a bicycle.