Wednesday, 25 August 2010

This is the place ...

This is the place where we stayed for 4 nights

Our room is right to the tower. The room had a door which lead into the tower and allowed us to walk upstairs.

This is the stairway up to the gallery of our tower which turned us into damsels at the castle.

This is the view from our room

This is me rowing

Can you imagine how much FUN it is, rowing in a wooden boat, built in the 1950's, wearing a bathing suit. What a boost for any immune system. You know the sensation when you can't help but smiling.Rowing a boat, having no duties and no place to go to, I felt the bliss I probably encountered back then.

This is where we went for lunch the other day

This is the dessert we had the other day: apricot-dumblings with perfect breadcrumbs made of Semmeln

This is what I enjoyed for the dessert another day

This is close to the place we parked our car in Bad Ischl.

And this is the park in Ischl which surprised us.

Had Rosamunde Pilcher visited this park recently? We did not expect to find these perfect flower beds in Upper Austria.

This is the view I wanted to show you! Lake Attersee rules!

This is the dress I wore

This is the tree which protected me from the sun while pausing during our hike in the nearby hills.

This is where Gustav Klimt put his easel when painting "Schloss Kammer"

I took a short break together with my best friend. We visited my parents, a co-worker, Mr Paula's godfather ... which is exactly the spirit of this region, the Salzkammergut, known as the Viennese summer-resort since tourism developed in the 19th century. I spent there vacations at the age of 14, 15, returned at the age of 25, 30 and 36 and this year for the first time with my best friend.

This is the weight I gained during the trip. You may guess- pounds or kilos?

Time to go to bed. Should be sweet dreams tonight.


  1. Am finally circling back here to comment -- fell absolutely in love when I saw your photos a few days back. The tower! The water! The park! The DESSERT!

    Oh I am happy you went. [I'd be happier if I went, admittedly...but I will try to be noble for a moment.]

    Did you return feeling completely relaxed and invigorated? Hope so....

  2. Hi Vix! yes, this region 2 hours away from Vienna relaxes me better than any other place! Probably due to its familiarity. Having been there as a child, returning as a studend and revisiting as an adult. Just to find the place as lovely as it ever was. How great is that!

    btw: I have to admit your last posting stressed my english skills a lot! ;-)

  3. I keep hoping I can get to Europe in the next few are giving me all these wonderful ideas for where to stay and go!

    Sorry about taxing your (wonderful!) English skills...I have had to be a "serious" writer elsewhere so I am being a bit wild on the blog. Was it the Venn Diagram post or the one with the beer taps? [Uh oh, I suppose it might have been both....]

    You know I'm always happy to TRY to provide a "cheat sheet" / translation for you!

  4. What a lovely place you visisted Paula, and I love that painting you mention bly Klimmt. xx

  5. Hi Blighty, how nice, you catch up with the blog! Don't you think it's funny how we in Central Europe compare any nice flower bed with English Gardens?