Monday, 4 July 2011

Success: Week 5 Day 1


Projects still keep me busy but I like to share my latest success with you: today it was W5D1 which means 15 min total running time. (warmup walk / run / 3 walk / 5 run / 3 walk / 5 run / cooldown walk)

I have to admit, I am struggling with my retro-app-attempt. One week, the track was timed badly, I ran too long. Today I simply forgot to copy the track on the player, left it on the desktop.

My face did not turn pink or pinkish which is good!

I tend to see the positive aspects in every bad situation. The last days have been to cold for beginning of July. It should be summer by now. The autumn-like temperatures are the best for running! And the clouds cover the annoying sun-beams.

A typical good day for summer which = bad day for running.
05.11am before the construction workers arrive

5.13am, the sky already turns blue, birds waking up ...

The 3 men on top of the elevator-"well" where heroes, the wind was blowing with 80km/h.
06.16pm, the last bucket of concrete, I am on my way to my run
, perfect conditions.

Part of the perfect conditions would be very grey skies and wind. This makes me feel so brave, so very "Rocky", that I enjoy the workout more than anything else.

Where do you put your sweating wet clothes after the run?

The satisfying view of at the end of the day: I did it, once more!
I do not agree with Heidi K: trainers don't need to look good. I don't have to look good, either.
Ok, when did I EVER agree with Heidi K.?

Ok, the pasta Mr Paula cooked was not exactly aldente when I returned from my run/walk. No excuses!

In case you wondered why I run? I want to lose those 3 kgs I gained since last winter. You remember, the Martha S.-channeling aka Cookie-feast. It was fun! And soooo yummy.

I don't know if it is the power of running or the force of a beautiful citrin, but I seem to become a better person: recently I started catching moths and throwing them out of the window instead of just smashing them. Very odd behaviour.

You might have seen this commercial before:

Today I noticed I did not have a single day of sick leave for months. I wonder if my immune system is working at its best due to stress or if I am just healthy because I take care. More than just 1 colleague returned really sick by the time they got home from their vacation. Scary.

It is fun writing this for you!
x x x

PS: I am having the best time with Arrested Development's third season. "For British Eyes Only" - how can you come up with an idea like that, plus the repeated chord ... Ingenious!


  1. Good for you for your great running habit!

    I've been walking more frequently (brisk walks, not strolls) and went for invigorating hike with my husband yesterday morning. But I am still a moth killer - maybe I need to get back to running.

    xo, A

  2. how shameful of mr.paula to overcook the pasta while you were out running. The views while you are running are stunning. It's best to run before the heat comes and you feel the cool, crisp air. Way to go on week 5!

  3. Adrienne, I am still curious where the running will take me.

    Jen, if I can't bear the "heat" (well, it's only 28°C, but to me its hot) tonight, I might run tomorrow morning. I agree, the fresh air is best! My summer fav :-) btw: congratulations! I am sure the brioche was heavenly.

  4. Great job finishing Week 5! How many days a week is the program? So glad you're sticking with it. Better a little brisk outside than a warm room inside. Our work-out room smells like a locker room these days! Yuck!

  5. Paula did my comment get through? I hope Wordpres sand Blogger are not having "issues" again.

  6. WEll, I can see that my previous comment did not make it through, now that I A=CAN view this one.
    bloody Wordpress.

    So, I was querying both "beautiful citrin", and Arrested Development. I'm unfamiliar with both.

    Also, was very. very impressed with your speed in picking up my last post - especially since it was done for you.

  7. Mrs. Stranded, the programme is 3 days per week, one should pause every other day. Is your work-out room in the basement of your house?

    Louise, where does the bad wordpress carma come from?
    By unfamiliar you meen you don't know what I am talking/writing about? Citrin is a semiprecious stone and Arrested Development is a TV Show with a great cast and ingenious script:
    I imagine you throning in the library. Fan on the left-hand night stand, bell on the right-hand nightstand. I shoud go to sleep!

  8. I have a Creative MP3 player too! I have the Zen stone plus, it's just like yours but has a screen. The features are great--radio, really clear sound, great loud speaker option-- except I lost mine.

  9. MP3 players are so convenient! The ZEN is so handy, I stick it in my running pants when I run without a jacket with pockets. I guess it was cheap, don't now cause Mr Paula brought it home one day.