Thursday, 28 July 2011

Acting like you just don't care

Today was a relatively nice day: After days of heavy rains I actually arrived at work dry and at lunch time we could even take lunch outside under the grey summer skies.

But only few minutes after the picture was taken, the weather changed dramatically. Rain, ongoing throughout the afternoon and evening. When the weather changes, I change too, you might not recognize me after nightfall, during rainfall, because I have my special way to deal with rain:
I wash my hair 3 times a week and rain in the evening does not count. As a consequence the bin liner, put in shape with an elastic band is my friend. I arrive home without having turned into a state of mess and desaster. The people who drive past me in their cars must think I am a crazy woman on a bike. Wearing rain pants which end just below the bra.

Biking and style are contradictory. Biking and style plus rain is an impossibilty, at least to me!

Summer is said to return in August, I can't wait to finally wear my new Bikini for the first time - outside the changing room. In front of me the TV is running: "We feed the world", documentary Austria 2005. Have you seen it? It opens one's eyes and might change your habits.

Apropos changing habits: You know you finally became a runner, when you can see only heart beat rates and not a price board at the gas station:
Hopefully the prices won't go up, because they match my personal fitness range so nicely.


  1. Oh the bin liner is killing me...very chic! I've been keeping my hiking hat in my workbag all summer as our weather has been quite similar to yours.

    Sorry about the rain but (commenting here re your last post) you're so right that it's great to be changing up your routine by guarding your parents' house for free vs spending vacation dollars and having to pretend you don't care about the splashing sky.

    Hang in our neck of the woods it was warm enough to berry pick and dine outside last weekend (yes, photos eventually), then crummy, then slated to be hot.

    No doubt you're due for "hot." So keep your sunhat and bikini next to your bin liner!

  2. I giggled out loud when I saw the photo of you in your "rain hat". I have the same issue, I have curly hair and because of all the rain Vancouver gets, every single one of my coats has a hood.

    Hopefully you get some sun and heat to warrant wearing your new bikini.

  3. I love the bright chairs in the first picture - are they always there? What are they made from?

    Seems like you are doing very well with the couch 25k - that's so funny about the petrol prices being similar to heart rate measures!

  4. Vix, your hiking hat is a much better strategy. When my parents first moved to their new place, 10 years ago, they complained that the balcony was not under the clear sky but situated beneath another balcony. Meanwhile they see the advantage and I do so, too! I can hang the laundry outside even when it rains and sit outside and watch the rain without getting wet. In the past years watering the plants was a huge task, this year it seems as if I were mostly of duty.

    Jen, don't we love it when hoods come into fashion? Wednesday is said to be hot. So looking forward!

    StylishShoeGirl, I showed the photo to Mr Paula and he had no clue what I was seeing until I told him.
    The chairs have been designed shortly after the area opened. The open space was vast, no trees, no nothing, just concrete so they decided to pep it up.
    Architects from Vienna, PPAG designed them. The original style was even better, very light material and every season all the chairs were painted in 1 colour. Unfortunately the material was flammable and during one winter season a tower made of the chairs went up in flames. Not so good! So the new design is in-flammable.
    There is a website with more information: