Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Bundesbad Alte Donau

A few generations ago, they removed the "sport" from the Bundessportbad. After the more than pleasant after-work-swim I returned
Not so calm like last time, Saturday afternoon, 35°C
Only a few people were roasting and toasting in the sun
This is the best you can get on this planet: a tree that provides shade
This was were I sat
When reading made me sleepy, I switched to looking around
And counting the greasy stains my fingers left on the paper. grease from SPF 30
The trees are old and can be dangerous, too:ah, I love this so much!
Why does every pastel concrete bungalow remind me of Cuban architecture?
Back from Cuba to Vienna ...
You can see, people in 2011 search the shade. It was not alwas like that.Today is my lucky day: the petite woman next to me brought her bear with her and I kindly asked for permission to take a photo of him. Cutie. Both, the woman and the bear.
On my way home - well. not exactly home, because I met friends at the restaurant I visited earlier this week, with the Sri Lanka cuisine, I passed by corporate architecture.
Vienna International Centre
One of the two towers Dominique Perrault designed, it is not very likely that the 2nd tower is going to be built due to the recession. The blinds cover the scaffold that moves with the storeys, but the VIE from VIENNA is behind. :-)
Finally the real danube, after the so called Old Danube which is more of a lake than a stream.
Again, clouds in the evening.

I feel a deep love for trees.


  1. So much more populated at the lido that day than the other. I think those raised decks lined up for people to picnic or lay on are so clever. I wonder why we don't have those around here. Such a good idea for keeping bugs away and dirt off your belongings.

    I enjoy seeing these photos of Vienna - I feel like a learn lots of new things whenever I come for a visit. xo, A

  2. hehe. Yes, the weekends are very busy in the public pools and at the lido. I learn lots of new things, too! You look differently when bringing a camera with you. I like the late evening a lot, around 9pm, when the streets calms down.

  3. Hi Paula,
    gosh those loos really do look Cuban not Austrian.

  4. This looks heavenly, though I did like the shots with fewer crowds, too. Funny about the shady spots...and you're so right: when I was a kid no one wanted those.

    As always, thank you for the documentation. Please enjoy summer for me...we are having more rain-with-colder-temps than even our usual, sigh.

  5. Louise, sometimes life really amazes me - without further intent I ended up in Varadero the other day.

    Vix, wait until you see the next posting (yesteday blogspot did not work via wireless LAN, I will retry tonight) - I tell you 2 words: Pool. Party. :-o
    When Mr Paula saw the photos (he had been away for the day), he just asked "And you enjoyed it?"

    I thought there would be more time for writing postings, but apparently this staycation provides plenty of time off-line. Especially when I dedicate the summer to dropping 1 clothing size (the one I gained since last Christmas). Not by dieting but by swimming and running.