Saturday, 30 July 2011

Cool Town ...

... the summer in the city goes on!
There is a tiny Wolford boutique in my living area

I hardly ever see people shopping at Wolford. I wonder how they can still exist, since their prices are twice as high as other company's prices.

No matter how cold it is, people still visit open air places like the big one in front of Vienna's city hall.
One of the open air kitchens in front of the city hall. Tepanyaki has the best scent!

One superb take away next to the other. This one is owned Do &Co, founded by Attila Dogudan.
People like to buy their shares so they can eat at the buffet at the yearly shareholders meeting.
The stands are clean and neat

Some quite large spritz's
This stand is owned by one of the best cocktail bars in Vienna. All the stands have "show-plates" on display.
Right across the street you find the Café Landtmann, I would say it is famous for its pastries.
Others say it is famous for its horrendous prices. 4.50 for one cup of coffee.
Back to the stand. In the centre of the huge area is a tent that provides cooling water sprinkling. Not yesterday, of course!

This weekend I decided to spend some time in the kitchen, how handsome a new supermarket nearby opened. But wait, this is just a party tent. Right! They partied the night the supermarket opened. The supermarket is in the very back, to the right. Akward!

My sister wants to visit a City in Europe at my 40th birthday. First we planned to visit Rome, but then I realized Rome in June during catholic holidays equals queuing up for hours. No, thanks. For now Hamburg is a good plan. Maybe we will come up with another plan!

Speaking of family: my brother-in-law managed to lock himself out today. Luckily I am at my parent's place which is near their home. So I lend him my parent's key to their home. 10 minutes later he returned to bring back the key ... wrong! He managed to lock himself out a second time, no with my parent's reserve-key. My sister was not around so I invited him to join me for my Week8Day3 run. I warned him, that I run like a Penguin (slow but happy feet). He grabbed Mr Paula's running shoes (almost the same size), some of Mr Paula's shorts and a shirt and voila: a family run. A total new experience, I ran a bit faster than I would normally do, but my pulse rate staid below the gas prices. ;)

Afterwards I continued to set up the kitchen for my weekend cooking experience and was confronted with insupportable circumstances you would only find in the bourgeois, conservative living area in the outskirts: No chickpeas available at any so called "gourmet" supermarket around here.

In case you missed the beginning of the running-story:
I started running thanks to TheStylishShoeGirl who is an inspiration and reached Week 8 which means I have been running for 8 consecutive weeks, 3 days a week. I don't know what makes me happier: the fact that I did not drop out or the fact that my immune system does not let me down (there have been some very nasty viruses around with plenty of sick-leaves at the office, but not for me).

I close with one question:
I noticed I use this form quite often: "started running".
would you prefer to read "started to run" instead?
I like both forms but I know that one form is better. Right? Thank you!


  1. Thank you for mentioning me, that's very kind!
    I agree, Wolford is very expensive, I notice a sale sign in the window!
    Do you feel like you've really achieved something by getting to week 8?

  2. TSSG, Oh definitely! Because in the past (long ago), when I ran 45min (no schedule, no interval training, just plain running) I fell sick after a few weeks. During the last 8 weeks I ran through rain and heat, humidity and cold. Before I ran too, but I turned red and now when I run at least at the same speed and turn no more than light pink, which is good!

  3. Good for you for getting a running program going! I need to join you, I'm so out of shape. The story of your brother-in-law locking himself out of the house twice is hilarious. As for the grammar question, I like "started running" better, it's faster, and gets rid of an extra word--"to." Is your 40th birthday coming up soon?

  4. I started running works just fine.
    I hate when we get locked out or cannot find the keys.

    I agree about those crazy Woolford prices, yet I hear that the products are top notch.

    You must be excited about a milestone birthday trip, planning is a large part of the fun too.

  5. Hi Jill! The Couch 25K is probably the best way to start moving. My 39th birthday was about 2 months ago, my sister loves to book early, because of the low rates. But be aware that running boosts the metabolism sooner or later, so you might have to eat twice as much just to keep your weight! What meets my interests. :-))

    Dear Hostess, my mum is also good in losing their keys. Yesterday during my run in Schönbrunn I saw a daugher/mother couple, where the daughter was about your age, I imagined you with your mum. You don't see this comnbination too often in Austria, they could have been British. or maybe American?