Saturday, 17 September 2011

Off to Church - a Wedding!

Mr Paula, his parents and I will attend a wedding this afternoon. His godfathers only daughter marries today.

Even though the event just takes place in the afternoon, the whole morning is under the sign of excitement. Signing the card, picking up the flowers from the florist ...
Pictures to come soon!

Soundtrack: Dido
Dress: Pink, vintage, thank you mommy!
Weather: overcast
Mood: in high spirits

Have a nice weekend, with or without weddings.

We are back from the wedding, here is a first glance:


  1. That sounds like a lovely weekend. And what a pretty color of dress you are wearing.

    Our next door neighbors are having a wedding today. They offered up their home to an elderly couple in their 80's. Isn't that cute? I guess you are never too old to tie the knot!

  2. Do you weep at weddings? I do...out of joy.
    Hope that the wedding is wonderful Paula, and the pink of your dress is very feminine.
    High spirits sounds like a great place to be...

  3. The pink dress is so pretty. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. Hi everyone! The wedding was perfect, the newly wed couple left the church into the sunlight, some girls competed with Pippa's back (hehe) and I was not the only one to wear a bold colour. So many people took photos, I shamelessly took many photos but I might leave the faces/heads out. I edited this posting and added one glance. More pictures will follow, now I am off to work, have to edit Brigitta's adventure (the lady from the boutique).

  5. Looks like a lovely wedding. I like that shade of pink. What was the silhouette of the dress?

  6. I love that picture of your pink dress edge with the lace slip peeking out. It's wonderful! What color did you paint your nails? I'm doing a dark purple-brown tonight. It's fall, I'm going for it!

  7. Mrs. Stranded, thank you for asking! The silhouette was hour-glass-like, with a slim fit top like a blouse with short sleeves and a belt and the bottom part springs open. Of course it's one piece, I don' really know the proper words for "top" and "bottom" of a dress. :-)
    I will post a photo of the whole dress as soon as I have cleaned it.

    Jill, thank you for commenting! The photo was taking those photos in a rush, before we left. I added sheer tights though. :-)
    Later on, during the reception, Mr Paula gave me a warning that one could see the lace, if I moved in a certain way. I was not worried. I see the lace as part of the design. As for nail polish: there was no time for polish, too bad, I know! But a sparkling citrine cocktail ring recompensated the lack of colour on my nails.