Thursday, 22 September 2011

Party Feet

I have no idea, how my feet will feel 5 hours from now. This is what I am going to wear:
The glossy leather matches the glossy G-Bag by Tod's as seen in the blurry back perfectly.

This is what is going to save my feet, hopefully:
The occasion is a fancy one! The radio show I work with won an award, it's an honour! The whole crew is excited and looking forward to the award ceremony which takes place tonight in a very nice theatre with lots of patina. Mr Paula is coming and I will smile even though my feet might be killing me. I might have to look down to Mr Paula.

A wedding, a shop-opening including the construction site and an award ceremony. What a week!
Did you know that Anna Gunn aka Skyler White is exactly my height? 5'10'', without heels, tehe.

* * * EDIT * * *

Jill from New York asked if I can post a photo of the shoes and me, well, here are two glimpses, the microphone-pole was a bit in the way. But you will recognize them anyway - they shine with full lustre. A red carpet would have made a nice contrast, don't you think?
btw: the yellow cowboy boots to my right are ... ridiculous!

Legs of the best journalists our country has to offer.
Well, at least in the (eyes and) ears of the jury.


  1. How did I not know you are a tall girl? Did you mention it before and it slipped my mind?

    Those are some very cute shoes - tall heel.

    Congratulations on your radio show's award. Sounds like a fun evening ahead! xo, A

  2. Your shoes look fabulous and I hope they are comfortable too.
    Your weeks sounds like an excuse to pull out the finery.
    Congratulations on the award!

  3. Really cute shoes!! Congats on the award! Have fun at the party.

  4. I am impressed you can walk in those shoes and I envy your height :).

  5. Big congrats on the award! Way to make that second job count.

    The shoes are certainly sculptural and if you're gonna wear heels that high something like the event is the place to do it, right? Hope feet, knees, and back enjoy the extra inches.

  6. I adore! High-heeled penny loafers--if I could find a comfortable pair, I'd just have to have them.

  7. Thank you all for leaving comments!

    Adrienne, that night I was not just tall, I was HUGE! Did not know how small men in Austria are. The evening was nice, I ended up dining with people I'd never anticipated we would spend a good time together.

    Hostess, thank you for the compliment. Oh, they were not comfortable, but at least not a single blister which is already a success. :-)

    Mrs, Stranded, Thank you! Should not ride with a bike with those heels, the heels don't fancy pedals.

    Susan, you would be surprised if I told you I visited a Walking-in-Heels-Workhshop once which was really fun! The lessons helped a lot.

    Vix, thank you! In the end I even ended up on the podium, did not plan to push myself into the photos but a co-worker from another show pushed me and said "You are meant to be up there, too, go!". Afterwards she said she likes to push women. There are always too many men on the top. My knees and my back were totally ok the next day but my feet, they were so sore!

    Catherine, I love the classic style, too! They are not comfortable but I will wear them again. When Mr Paula and I left, I explained to a colleague how my feet felt: burning hot like stepping in to a really really hot water tub, just without the hot water. It was so worth it!

  8. LOVE the sexy shoes! I bet Mr. Paula could NOT understand why you would wear shoes that made ypur feet BURN.! hahaha!!! I do though!
    Congtatulations on your award! I am glad you got to the podium! Bravo!
    THANK YOU for the SWEET comment about my show! AWWWWWWWWW That was so nice and reallllllly touched me.
    Thank you my friend.
    Have a pretty day!

  9. Oh you are nice and tall! I LOVE these shoes. Love love! Do an outfit post showing them! They are really cute and if I end up getting a pair myself I know it will be because of you! Congratulations to you and your coworkers on the award.