Thursday, 15 September 2011


My dear readers,

la rentrée is done: business is back to normal which means I am back with my 2 jobs and miss posting tons of photos late night.

You might remember this posting. Right now I am portraying the owner for a radio feature. She is 70 years old and decided to re-design and re-open the shop. At a age where other retire, she restarts. Yesterday the carpenters where all over the place. Such a mess and such a stress because the interior was not ready like scheduled and the clothes had already been delivered.
The carpenter's tools were ought to be gone three days prior!
The carpenters improvised some racks for the clothes.

Brigitta is so strong! I would have loved to take a photo but she did not feel comfortable. But I was allowed to take a photos of the mess.
From a radio-reporter's point of view the situation was perfect: noisy, busy, lots going on! Still I felt sorry for her troubles.
The clothes are superior goods, Italian cashmere sweaters, Strenesse-coats (to the left), Missoni sets etc.
The opening will be next tuesday, keeping my fingers crossed! This is something I really like about my second job: assignments that allow me to do what I am interested in. I have known this boutique for 34 years (that's how long Brigitte has been selling her clothes). I never thought I would have the chance to get to know her. By now I probably know more about her than most of her long-time-customers. How she hated being a SAHM and always loved to work and meet people at work. People like her have a good energy, when you meet people like her, you feel better after the meeting compared to you state before the meeting. She also has perfect manners. And a great smile that comes from her eyes. Ouch, it will be difficult to return to an objective mode, because as a reporter I rather be objective and not in love with the person I portray. Call me a pro!

A few hours later, laying in bed and trying to fall asleep I did the mistake and started thinking of our vacation ahead. Mr Paula will spend two weeks with my in the south of Austria, our favourite place to relax and experience nature in the fall season. If it's warm, we will hike in T-shirts, if it snows, we leave the house with our skis. I could tell how the adrenaline flushed my blood from the excitement, just thinking about the vacation made my heart jump and it was hard to fall asleep. The province we are going to visit is next to Italy, the house is a two-and-a-half hours drive from Venice. If Mr Paula is really sweet, he might want to stay in Italy overnight and I can visit the Pomellato store in Venice. Ah, Venice in early November, with a quite misty lido might provide some special motives for my lense.
In Vienna we go almost everywhere by bike.

I am looking forward to driving to places with Mr Paula at my side by car, valleys where we have never been before, returning home while the night falls in.

One reason why we don't leave sooner is the Vienna Design Week. The VDW will start Sep.30.
Another reason is a charity run that takes place October 16 in Vienna, a co-worker organises the charity and I love to support it by running 3 or 6km, still undecided.

Did any of you read Bergdorf Blondes? Is it fun to read? After 3 seasons of Breaking Bad I need a happy-break!

Good night!


  1. I'm dreaming of my vacation too:). Only I'm going to Hawaii in December.

  2. phew, Hawaii, I would trade Carinthia and a misty Venice for Hawaii. :-)
    PS: Lisa, I edited the posting (need to re-read it in the final layout and every time I find some paragraphs that deserve improvement. This time I added "manners", the manners had been missing. The lady who owns the boutique has perfect manners, so polite, and slim and elegant. Very WASPy. Ok, those cashmere sweaters cost about 500 EUR ... would be around 700 :-o You better be elegant, when you sell sweaters in that sky-high-price-range.

  3. I love bergdorf blondes! Great, fluffy book.

  4. what an inspiration she is! 70 and going strong. i hope to be doing that too. ahhh, and the real missoni!

    have fun on your trip. we are leaving today for a few days of camping. it will be sunny but cold. good for hiking!

  5. I read Bergdorf Blondes - it's a fun, easy read, perfect for vacation! Hope you have a wonderful vacation!

  6. Hi Paula, thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.

    I just read your 3 most recent posts. The swimming story reminded me of when my son, then 12 (now 32), swam for the first time at a beach near San Francisco shortly after we moved to California from New York. None of us were used to the Pacific currents. He drifted out further than I thought he should and I began to shout for him to come back but he just kept drifting. I got scared and signaled to a swimmer to please go get him and he did. My son was completely oblivious to the danger. I will never forget that day. I am glad you are safe!

    Congratulations on your running and weight loss effort. I've been working on the same thing, but not running. I workout on an arc trainer.

    Your radio show feature sounds interesting. I clicked through to that post on the ugly store and am glad to hear it's being renovated. Brigitte sounds like fun.

    I love the way you write :-).

    We visited Vienna 4 days in December and fell in love with the city.

    It sounds like you are awfully busy. Thank you for taking the time to stop by for a visit, and have a wonderful vacation!

  7. P.S. I should have said the reason I didn't jump in after my son is that I had my 5 year old daughter with me and the swimmer was already out there. He told me he was worried too, then saw me jumping up and down at the shore and figured it out.

  8. What a great project!

    Yes, I've read Bergdorf Blondes, years ago - lighhearted fun!

    I am eagerly awaiting my tholiday too to NYC (but not the 20 hour plane trip)!

  9. Jen, good to know, I will order it, so I have it in time when we leave.

    Janet, I asked Mr Paula if he would like to camp with me, the two of us in a tent. I like the idea but he prefers to stay in a house when I am with him. He liked his camping experience this August because he spent hardly any time inside the tent. I need to get my hands on that experience one day! I love hiking in the fleece/jacket-season way more than during the dry-fit/sunblocker-season.

    Mrs.Stranded, than you for your comment! There is still some time left until we leave - 1 month and 2 more projects to finish, but I really like this "carrot" in sight.

    Susan, thank you for your comment! And thank you for your compliment, this means a lot!
    In case you are interested in any particular topic - you'll find a few labels to the right, they cover the topics I often write about. And you can find a lot Viennese-impressions on this blog, too! A lot of people seem to know Vienna, but from past days. Today Paris, often re-visited is on top of the travel-lists.
    Currents in the open sea are something I deeply respect, as landswomen.
    btw, you totally got the picture: yes, I am busy but somehow it works out - this double load with a job on the one side and projects on the other has been around for almost 8 years. That's one reason why I prefer to visit familiar sites when going on vacation and Mr Paula is the perfect partner for this kind of "lightweight adventure".

    Stylish Shoe Girl,
    are you already counting the days til NYC? You go there around Christmas, right? The boutique re-opens this tuesday, I will go there but leave my microphone at home, no work, jusst drinks and finger-food. :-))

  10. Such a great story about Brigetta! May her mess soon abate and bring her much satisfaction (emotional and financial).

    Your upcoming trip sounds wonderful, and I for one am glad you are postponing it until after VDW. Hopefully you'll have enough energy to share some of the highlights as usual!