Wednesday, 28 September 2011

One Year Later ...


Following photo was taken 1 year ago, during the tombola at the opening of theVienna Design Week. I found this photo among others on the VDW website.
But still it's still very mild - contrary to last year, where fall and cool nights had hit the town - I might choose something lighter for tomorrow's opening. I will leave the stripes behind and reach out for ...
Polka dots!

Since I've started blogging, I notice how I notice small changes with an eagle's eye. One year back the flower bed in the street had been designed with different flowers. This year, the salvia plants outgrew any other plant, it's funny, like a flower jungle.
I am not sure, if the managers of the garden district had this picture in mind when chossing 2011's flowers.
The sign to the left used to be 2 feet above the plants, now it hides which entertains me.

Without blog, I probably would not care. I like to care.

Last year I posted about Brigitte's boutique for the first time. After posting about the construction site I should show you the final results. When I got there last week, it was raining, a day where you would rather go straight home after work.
Rush our in the suburbs of Vienna
You can see Brigitte, the lady in grey with the above-the-knee-long shirt.
The perfect bag for a what-if-gal like me!

Meanwhile the weather has changed, blue skies and temperatures between 20°C and 25°C. Tonight I jogged at 22°C. We are lucky after the cold, rainy summer everyone enjoys this exceptional autumn weather.
A quiet corner in the city centre. What a blue sky!

One thing I noticed is that I enjoy quite a number of blogs who share their house with dogs. These two dogs await me when I go to the place where I rebuy The Laundress detergents. They are cute because they are so un-doggy: rarely moving, quiet and relaxed.

This has been a very conceptless posting, maybe it's because I am showing my face, which excites me, maybe it's because I am so focused on tomorrow's opening of the VDW ...

I should not end without asking one question I had on my mind - about half a year I posted on the subject of the pap smear test. Yikes. Some read the posting back then and commented they would schedule a doctor's appointment.
Did you go?

Meanwhile I am growing older and my doctor handed me my first referral to a mammographic screening. I think it's a good idea, if get those results now, in a healthy state (keeping my fingers crossed), one will be able to compare future, maybe abnormal results to these earlier results from today. I asked my doctor what it is, that makes people refuse mammographic screening. Does the breast tissue tear due to the heavy squeezing? No, the tissue stays intact. It's the radiation. A long-distance flight stresses your body with more radiation than this screening. My favourite plush toy-bear answers to the name of Marie Curie, I think am going to make use of that referral.

These three kids don't care for plush-toy-bears, not anymore: my two nieces and my nephew,in the countryside on a tractor-ride last weekend, visiting our relatives in Lower Austria. The father still earns his money as a farmer. Corn, wheat, barley, pumpkins ...
You don't find a lot of farmers in the small villages, their kids start careers as scientists, teachers, firefighters, nurses ...
My younger niece was really brave, she sat on top of the tractor's weel.And later on she followed her father's and Mr Paula's steps ...
My younger niece told me she likes my name. She likes it so much - she whispered in my ear she named one of her Barbies after me.

Her words in my ear and the view of these handsome three family-men where just two pleasant aspects of the family-trip. Our family - including great-great-cousins don't fancy small men. Not that all the women are so tall that they would actually have to go for a tall(er) man. Oh, what an oldfashioned family we are, where men are taller than women ...

Ok, enough already with the conceptless posting, have a Good Night!


  1. Hello Paula, what a beautiful face you have. Brigitte's place is looking very smart and I think I want one of those bags :).

    Relaxed dogs are a joy, and family too. My daughter (26) got engaged last week and now I'm a busy Mom helping her plan her wedding. It was so much fun to take her out to dinner and hear the proposal story. Very romantic!

  2. Oh you are so cute! I knew that, but I really like this photo, and the striped shirt.

  3. Paula, I'm so glad you did a post showing yourself. And hello, you are gorgeous! Nice striped shirt too, I love a striped shirt. I like that you showed street scenes of Vienna. I know very little about Austria, so you can be my guide!

    As for mammograms, I hate them, but I'm 42 and I've had 3 during the course of my life so far. They are painful and I've had further issues so had to go a step further with a sonogram (so much easier) but it sounds like your doctor is recommending a baseline mammogram. You should do it. They are really pushing them more and more in the U.S. to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages.

    More outfit posts! I'll do one if you will!

  4. Hello there! I love your red and white stripe top. You are very pretty!
    I love your Vienna scenary posts - such a refreshing outlook!

  5. Susan, thank you! On the one hand I know I did not want to show my facem, on the other I know I like those blogs the best where I can see the blogger, what she looks like. Congratulations to the engagement of your daughter. :-)

    Lisa, it's hard to believe the cute ... I should probably show photos of myself more often.

    Jill, thank you! If you click on the label "Vienna" to the right, you find lots of streets and views I took over the past one and a half years. Yes, it's the basline mammogram the doctor recommended.
    I would love to see outfit posts on your blog.

    StylishShoeGirl, thank you! I just realised, red and white -stripes is the only way I can (like to) wear red.