Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Miss Furrow Dreams of Botox


these days I don't get many chances to take photos, since I spend most of my time sitting in front of the computer. But there is the webcam, so I can take photos – due to the limited camera-angle, the images are not about the usual objects such as nature, city, shopwindows and the construction site across the street but about me, sitting or standing in front of the computer.

And that's when I see the furrow between my eyebrows which sits at exactly the same place like my mothers furrow: left from the bridge of my nose. Everyone keeps saying "Paula! Excuse me!! This furrow is nothing, it's hardly noticeable". But it is there.

When I read, the furrow deepens. When I think (what I do a lot), it deepens even more. And when I watch a disturbing scene in a movie, it deepens even more. That's when Mr Paula nudges me and warns me not to create the furrow. Don't get him wrong: I asked him to tell me when he notices me furrowing, because I try to avoid using those muscles that produce it.

So, here I am, with some alternatives at hand:

One would be to stop thinking, reading and talking. And no more disturbing movies.

Or – The best alternative to Botox: I could expand my skin with my fingers, gently, so I won't create other, new furrows with my fingers.
The effect lasts zero seconds after the treatment. But it feels nice to relax the muscle from the eyebrow.

Or I could accept, that I am my mother's daughter and that I inherited this furrow left of the bridge of the nose. As you can tell, I am not there, not yet. No acceptance so far.

And then there is Botox. I admit, the sensation of a 100% relaxed muscle is something I wish to experience once in my life. I once experienced a facial massage where the woman massaged my forehead in a way that totally relaxed all muscles. Heavenly!

I feel the tension of my muscles working inwards – when my muscles are tight, so are my emotions. It also works the other way round: The tension from the inside also shows on the outside (=furrows). How I wish to relax! Especially this one little forrow above my nose. Compared to other people, my muscle tension is always high. I don't mind the furrows above my eyebrows, because they are "friendly" furrows. It's this nasty, little, mean furrow ... (I guess while thinking about it, it already grows!)

Botox is affordable, so to say not the Kelly bag among purses. And it is not like it would be forever - not like a tatoo. Is it addictive? I don't think so. I once tried botox for my armpits, because the sweat stains annoyed me (hot summer+bicycle ride = no good!). I did it once and that was it. The effect lasted only for 2.5 months. So I thought it was not worth it.

But does it take courage to try it in the face? Would the 3-4 months feel like an eternity (because that's how long the Botox lasts) if the result looks awful? Must stop thinking about this. Now! I already feel my furrow deepening.

What if I just need better glasses?


  1. I was reading this post, thinking okay, well this makes sense. I can understand her want for botox, even though you look amazing. And then I got to the last line, "What if I just need better glasses?" and I laughed.

    Maybe the furrow is from squinting since you need new glasses, it's why I keep scowling.

  2. Botox is not anything I'd ever consider but a couple of my friends have and the fact that they go regularly would hint that it might be addictive, npt to mention expensive.
    If it makes you feel better about yourself and you can afford it why not do it?

  3. I think the face massage you mentioned would be far pleasurable and cheaper. Also money better spent, but I think you already know that ;-)

  4. What I like about Botox is that if you don't like how the treatment affects you or if you're not happy with the result, after 4-5 months it's effect will disappear and no one will force you to have it again.

    When I decided to have botox in Toronto I wasn't sure is the right choice but as you said, I was curious to see how this works....
    I loved my new look so I had it again and again....now I'm at my 5th treatment and I will definitely have more:)

  5. I know, what you mean. Really hard to give advice though. On one hand, there are the so called "botox masks" and on the other are women, who only allow themselves two treatments a year and therefore just slow down the process of aging instead of desperately trying to stop it. ;-) Personally I'm afraid of needles and the fact that it is poison after all. Good luck on your decision, xox, Macs

  6. I have the same thoughts hostess expressed, and agree with Ana about the facial massage.

  7. Jen, thank you for the compliment! I will see my optician soon!

    hostess, the $$$ are not to be neglected. (Not natural) blonde hair, botox, what would come next? Too much maintenance isn't really good.

    coffeeaddict, the woman does not work any more as a cosmetician but works in sales and marketing. Unfortunately!

    Julia, hello! thank you for reading and commenting! I have no idea how old you are, it just does not feel right to start in the 30's. Maybe I want to wait?

    Macs, let me hold your hand! :-) I once held the hand of a friend who was afraid of getting her ears pierced. My hands work wonders!

    Susan, I will ask around for someone who knows how to massage. The woman who once massaged me changed her profession and no longer works as a cosmetician.

    LPC, me too! Lets keep each other updated.