Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Pointless Posture

There is a fashion trend that turned out to be one of the most persistent and ineradicable and unfortunately 100% misrouted fashion trends: The Pigeon Toed Pose

Drollgirl shares my aversion on the pigeon toed pose. Already in February 2010 she wished this trend would end. It seems more persistent than other misrouted trends.

In case you wonder why people pose in this silly pose, at the bottom of this following posting, by Max Sidney, you find a thorough exam: Why East London boys stand pigeon toed

Quote: "Visually, posing pigeon toed is shying away from the eye of the lens. Its an attempt to look shy, socially awkward, inward looking, introspective."

Inward looking and introspective? Good point!

Let me finish with bad posture in general: Bad Posture

There are little things I loathe more than bad posture. I have my fathers words still fresh in my mind: He used to say "Sit up straight!" everytime he saw me slouching at my desk during my highschool-years. Years later I find myself adoring the posture of Japanese men and women. Their efforitless, upright posture seems intriguing, almost mesmerizing. An upright posture can alter the way you see the world around you. A bad posture ruins any outfit. An no doubt it changes the way people see and meet you. A few weeks ago a saleswomen asked me if I had taken ballet classes because she hardly ever sees women with such even shoulders. Actually I think she was excited about my posture. I should thank my father. And the Japanese people who set a good example.

If my point of view is just too much for you - which I can totally understand - how about a decent stretch, right now, in front of the computer? (To my dear iPad readers: Sorry, you might have to put your pad down to join the stretch.)



  1. I hate the legs crossed in fron posture most fashion bloggers have.
    Absolutely agree on the proper posture behind the desk :-)

  2. Posture is so important, and bad posture can have a negative health impact too (says the woman who had a bout with bursitis a couple of years ago...). I hate the pidgeon toed thing too.

  3. So true - although I want to add that posing in a "flaw hiding" manner should be allowed and part of the game. And regarding the posture: ITA! My dad would threaten me to shove a wooden spoon into the back of my sweater to make me sit up straight. Not to mention those ballet classes, which I'm a lot more thankful now for than I was then. I really dislike the way a lot of young girls scuffle around these days. What ever happened to a firm and determined stride? Switching off for today to do some stretching ;-) xox, Macs

  4. coffeeadict, did you know, that bloggers also disapprove the flattering poses, because they would say "I am overly confident"? wtf?

    déjà pseu, I saw your photos, I am loving how you pose in front of the camera. Lets get rid of the pidgeon toed thing. You lead!

    Macs, any posture that hides some flaws is a good posture, no? I have the feeling ballet classes totally pay off. I never attended one and you can tell. ;-)
    Did you notice the young girls also shy away from muscles? Lean skin covering bones, that's the ideal body. Maybe they just lack muscles?

  5. ITA once again. All they want is to be skinny and fit into size Zero, but they're not fit because most of them don't do any sports. It would become too long to write out all thoughts - but trust me, I could almost write a book on the "weight subject", which is a whole different story, but basically (at least regarding the theme of this entry) can be summarized by saying: A lot of seem to care so much about being skinny, but they completely blend out that it takes a lot more than being slim to look good. Posture being right up on top! ;-)

  6. I could go on all day about the negative effects of bad posture, in my case it possibly created the underlying condition leading to the severe tendonitis in my hands and forearms that prematurely ended my career. Not that I'm complaining because if I still had that desk job I'd probably be in even worse shape now! I have to think about posture all of the time to correct years of slumping my shoulders forward.

    I can't imagine why anyone in fashion would promote bad posture.

  7. Macs, my weight is currently in its "highs", but I read in the news that this is (statistically) totally normal, since it's february. Ha!

    Susan, I need to take care so I don't end up being stiff in my back (like my father). ouch!