Thursday, 17 November 2011

You Know It's Winter ...

... when your Thermos bottles come out of hiding and form a skyline in your kitchen ...

... and Austria is turning turquoise (= -2°C = 28.4°F)


  1. I know it's winter time when my cat insists on sleeping under the halogen desk lamp ;-)

  2. I hear ya! It started snowing here yesterday :(

  3. coffeeaddict, I would put the cat right away on my belly. purrrrrr.

    Mrs. Stranded, snow can be fun, when it lasts and does not melt to slush the very next morning!

  4. I know it's winter when Martin builds a fire and our kitty Brownie sits like a statue staring at it. When he was little he used to get so close to the fire we worried he would walk right in!