Saturday, 19 November 2011

Shine Your Sink

Hello, and a warm Welcome to the new followers out there!

I am still in the kitchen ... and I might stay there for a while.

Did you ever hear the slogan "Shine your sink"? I heard it first from the FLY Ladies. FLY Ladies is a former initiative, now a company, which has been originally developped to help women find their way out of the misery of clutter. They adress messies. I am no messy myself but I like most of their ideas, since they obviously improve the quality of life.
FLY is short for "Finally Loving Yourself". The FLY Ladies found out, that women who live in a mess often don't love themselves but disrespect who they are. The FLY Ladies ask you to lace up your shoes in the morning - which means, Staying at Home mums should not spend their day in the pyjamas.
I love my weekends in pyjamas. But I don't like how stuff can overwhelm me.
FLY ladies offer plenty of routines, which never overwhelm you. And this is what makes them special: people who live in clutter and in a mess get overwhelmed by the tasks that wait everywhere. The FLY ladies tell you to set a timer and after 15 mins of de-cluttering, give yourself a break. I guess what I like most about them, is the tender voice that shines through, respectful, patient and friendly, 100% inviting, take the 27-fling Boogie. I could not resist but had to try it and it was fun. And satisfying.
They also came up with a blog-radio-show and I particulary enjoyed one show that was about your mum visiting you at home. How to get your home mum-ready in 2 hours. Fabulous!

By now their whole initiative turned into a huge business, which does not diminish the value of their work. You can find a lot of tipps for free, I never spent a dollar.

Back to the slogan "Shine your sink". One basic advice from them would be to shine your sink every night, before going to bed, because you don't want to wake up and walk into a kitchen and be greeted by dirty pots and fatty stains in the sink. At least I don't.
Mr Paula does not understand at all, why this is important to me. He has no problem getting up in the morning and doing the dishes the next day. Maybe I read too much about Feng Shui and so, how energy flows and how you feel what is around you. Clean surfaces seem to reward me with energy.

The truth is, 6 out of 7 nights, my sink does not shine. But when it does, it feels just right. Most of you probably leave their kitchen in an impeccable state at night. I don't. Guess what, by now it's already 1.20pm, and my sink is far from shining.

Have a fabulous weekend and who knows, maybe you want to get ready for the upcoming Visible Monday?


  1. I'm with you; I always try to get dishes done and sink cleared before bed. It really does make a difference in how I feel the next morning.

  2. déjà pseu, our mothers would be proud how we turned out. ;-)

  3. Same here. I like the kitchen to be perfectly clean before going to bed. It's funny reading your description of the FLY ladies because I used to belong to the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) in the US. Most of the NAPO members had businesses helping people get organized. I belonged because part of my financial business involved helping people get their finances organized.