Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Intense Days

This song, the voice, the woman  - I love everything about Katie Melua

The last days and weeks can only be described as intense days with a lot of coincidences. Ich habe sogar mein erstes Posting auf Deutsch veröffentlicht.
Plus I've received my 39th follower during my last days as a 39er.

To calm down a bit I listen to Katie. Over and over again. I saw her first in the quite boring TV-show "Fernsehgarten" (weekend morning-programme). I remember when I first saw her on the stage, this tiny woman with this magnificent voice and I thought "Who is she? Where does she come from?" Heavenly. Maybe I reached the age where women love wonderful young women?

See you in June, when I've entered the fifth decade of my life!
xo Paula


  1. Liebe LoveT, ich finde so einen Blog wirklich praktisch - ich kann immer wieder hier reinhören, ohne das Lied auf youtube suchen zu müssen. Z.B, jetzt gerade. :-)