Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Positive Bias

Is it ok to like some people more than others, just beause they come from a region/area/city you love?
I noticed I see people through filters. One of the filter is called country/city of provenance.

Usually prejudices work the other way round, in the negative way. No? Over the last years I've met people from other countries and cities and I have the strong feeling that I  like them for where they come from. Japanese - I love them. People from Paris, Hamburg, Scotland ... I like you all!

I know the love of many women in the US for the cities of Florence and Paris. But people? Do you know "the love for people from certain cities"? Do you feel the same or are you immune against positive bias?


Lately my father has been busy digitizing our photo archives. I love his views. Quite late - he is in his 70's - I am finally recognizing his creative vein. Better late than never. 

I was born in NYC. Besides early childhood memories not much is left to connect me with this city. Today I am deeply connected with Vienna. Over the past years I've noticed some positive bias towards Vienna and probably the Viennese, too in the comments. Which means I am not alone with my positive bias. You have to trust me, you are so right to love anyone living in Vienna! :)  

photo credit: all by Papa Paula


  1. A rather controversial question: is it OK to like someone more based on a random? criteria such as place of birth, gender, hair colour.
    I'm an avid observer of human behaviour and relationships and it's rarely just these factors if you will that make us more or less likable, it's also how we identify and react to them. For example if I were born in Ljubljana and take great pride in it, I start to identify with the culture and do everything to exhibit a behaviour that is "assigned" to a true Ljubljana resident, but is it authentically me?

  2. Dear coffeeaddict, thank you very much for your comment! Food for thought! xo Paula