Thursday, 24 May 2012

More magic ...

I saw this photo for the first time today. My father has been busy digitizing old slides from his archives. The above photo was taken 35 years ago. I had treasured those memories – phantastic costumes and adventures the daughter's-cabin provided – over decades. And today I see thoses memories being as close to reality as they can get. Those days, when we crossed the Atlantic ocean are some of my earliest memories.
Next week my sister will take me on a trip to Hamburg. There is something about Hamburg that always attracted me. Maybe it's the ships and the nearby sea. Maybe it's the "class" I sense when I meet people from Hamburg.

2012 seems to be made for travelling. The envelopes with tickets and railpasses line up on the side board, all in its proper time. I am trained in packing light and will leave the floor space to my sister's trunks.

When times slow down I will happily catch up with you and tell all the stories, about birthday-hikes, the the long way up to the Butt of Lewis that is ahead of us,  my ongoing love for Mr. Ruppitsch's services and the new sensation of me being on time. Not a bad idea, since boarding boards at the airports often don't come with the actual time. Would the portrait of an officially certified superlative chronometer suit this blog? Probably yes, since it suits me quite well!

Looking at the above photo, I am almost certain the man in the back (resting in his deckchair) was not amused. See how excited the girl on the upper deck behaves. Can you see him, the way he turned his head and frowns? Roles seem to stick forever: my sister was pretty cool, lying there, sunbathing, totally relaxé, whilst I preferred to ... well, to what? ... to express my excitement? Maybe!

You will hear from me after the next trip! Hopefully full with excitement and lots capital letters. HAMBURG :-D


  1. Wow. Fantastic. My family and I crossed the Atlantic in 1968. I still remember. There's something about a boat...

  2. Hi Lisa! I am sure you knew how to behave. I enherited my father's boat-gene, the love for ships. And sailboats are by far best way for instant relaxation.

  3. Wonderful photos. When one's innate personality is nurtured it's a wonderful thing. Three cheers for the young girl obviously thrilled by her new adventures!

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  5. Thank you Vix! I am lucky with a dad who sacrifices many hours and looks after the family-photo-archive.