Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Last Picture Show

Don't worry, these wont be the last pictures. The photo above has this special ambience that immediately brought The Last Picture Show to my mind.

I am currently having a really good time, going trough my recent photos, 'developing' them in black and white.

Late night, time to quit the flow. Time to recharge my battery. The camera's battery is all set, ready for new adventures. More is to come and I can tell you, I am THIS close to adding the label 'Art' right here. Seriously!


  1. This time you really hit it! GREAT Pics!!!!!!
    LG JL

  2. The Last Picture Show is one of my favorite movies of all time :). I enjoyed catching up on the Hamburg posts. I especially loved:

    "What you can't see is how quiet it is. All you hear are birds chirping and bicycles running down the hill."

    Jealous! I get so tired of big, loud US city streets, with cars whizzing and honking, leaf blowers blowing, loud diesel engines (trucks), air plane engine noise (we're near the airport), people talking loudly on cell phones, and so on. It's gotten so bad that whenever we hear a bird chirping, usually very, very early in the morning, we point it out to each other.

    Your photography is excellent. Thank you for bringing Hamburg to life for your readers.