Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tourists from Austria

Not just once I have written about tourists in Vienna on my blog. This time it is the other way round: we are going to be tourists and look forward to encountering the Crimean hospitality. Since we know how to behave, I have not forgotten to pack some the sweet greetings. They seem to be quite iconic. They worked in Japan, on the Outer Hebrides. In case you ever come to Austria and visit one of those Chocolate-Boutiques, be sure to buy the round ones. Any Mozartkugel that stands on a bottom is not the right kind of Mozartkugel. The true original Mozartkugel from Paul Fürst dates back to 1890. It tastes different from the Mirabell Mozartkugel (pictured below) and it is handmade and comes with fewer layers inside.
I am surprised, how accuarate the colours are. I mean it was grey when I was taking this photo, with another heavy cloud-burst outside.
Oh, I forgot to solve the riddle: one sweet "bar" is for my Russian teacher, one for Natascha, she will show us Sevastopol and one for the housekeeper, who is going to cook for us. The heart goes to Valentina, our host.

I will put the comments on "moderated-only"-mode for the time that I am gone.
Пока, see you in June!


  1. ich war mal in Salzburg, da gab es an jeder Ecke Mozartkugel. Aber es gibt da feine Unterschiede, Mozartkugeln sind nicht gleich Mozartkugeln. ;)
    Lieben Gruss, Cla


  2. Absolut! Aber sie zaubern immer ein Lächeln ins Gesicht. Ein sehr großes Lächeln. Machst du es auch so, dass du das Mitbringsel am Ende des Aufenthalts überreichst? Es ist wirklich nett, fröhliche Gesichtern zum Abschied zuzuwinken. :-)