Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Mild Evening and High End Porcelain

Can you sense the air of spring? A warm, mild evening out, everbody sitting under the pale-blue sky which turnes purple in the west. You can see the reflection of the sky in the windows. We deserve this!

The people who parked their bikes visited the opening-event of the summer-season in the Vienna Museum's-Quarter.

Pale blue is this cup:

I got it as a gift from a very friendly Australian couple. It is "mud". Touching this tiny cup I immediately wanted a whole set for eating, drinking and serving. With shipping it would cost $$$. Mr Paula says it is no fun using high-end porcelain because he would feel bad the moment he breaks or chips them due to careless handling.

To the readers from AUS: (going bold for the first time ;-)) Have you ever dined from mud-porcelain? Did you like it? Is it really as dish-washer-save as they say? Does it still look good in a while, when the non-glazed-outside turns "greasy"?

There are various porcelains available, Made in Austria. This one actually isn't porcelain but "earthenware": Gmundner Ceramics.
They are known for the green-striped-design. Very common in the country-side where Gugelhupf and Apfelstrudel is served in the afternoon. This year they chose the deer. Jumping around.

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  1. Gorgeous shot of the building and reflected sky!

    After a week of torrential rains and chilly temperatures, we had the same type of day here too and you summed up my entitled thoughts: "We deserve this!"

    I dragged Mr Vix out to a big-windowed cafe for a pre-dinner coffee (oh that it had been a cocktail) just because it was too beautiful to sit in the house.

    Enjoy your blue sky....