Sunday, 2 May 2010

Neat Thermo-Isolation & Waiting for Mr. Right.

I am sure you like the neat thermo isolation as much as I do: in pink!

meanwhile this patient blackbird is waiting for Mr. Right:

Call me gaga but I really enjoy birdwatching. Could not believe I did not shy her away with my camera-lens and loud shutter.
She seems to be really sweet. Hope she finds him to bild a nest soon!

I love the singing of the birds in the city-center. Blackbirds acutally are anthropophilous - they followe us humans and find nearly perfect environment in cities.

I call ivy anthropophilus, too. Or rather architecturephilus?

By now I probably bore you to death with my pasison for flowers in full bloom, here you find the final tulip chapter of 2010:

The building in the back isn't a mosque but a baroque church!
It seems as if there is no place where you can't plant some tulips in this city:


  1. I love photos of flowers and plants!
    Tulips are so beautiful to photograph because of their lovely colours.
    It's a pity they dont last very long.
    I dont think ive ever seen tulips in the ground around here.
    Only at the florist...
    It's so nice seeing photos of the northern hemisphere going into spring.
    It's starting to get really cold here :(

  2. I will have the chance to visit the place where the million tulip-bulbs come from. quasi a look behind the scenes, where all the flowers and plants for the public gardens grow. I am excited!