Friday, 7 May 2010

Working with Flowers - Part 1

This posting probably goes out to Vix and cotton socks, who have both fallen for tulips!
This bundle pleased me during the whole week at work. The vase stands at a colleague's desk. Everytime I go into the kitchen/toilett I walk past her place. This is so so nice.

oops. I just noticed while writing and talking to myself I started talking like Kevin from "The Office" ... "This is so so nice". scary!!

I am glad my superjapanesecompactcamera can blur the background quite decent.
a) it works best for flower-portraits as it does for any portrait
b) like that I can keep the anonymity of this room and the people inside the room.

Have a great weekend!

PS: The blackbird succeeded! Mr. Right showed up, the next thing I saw was her with straws in her mouth and him wiggling around. Really cute. Which brings this Kinderlied (really, the proper translation would be "nursery-rhyme"??) to my mind: Vogelhochzeit. Listen: MP3 (a bit faster than usual). The person who composed and texted this song must have seen what I saw.

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  1. Alright, this is getting scary...I've started saying "Okay" under my breath when I remember to do something or am ready to leave somewhere. I think you and Kevin and I are sharing a brain, and I have the short end of the stick!

    The tulips are such an unusual shade -- more like roses -- and variety. Lucky you to be working with them all week, and lucky us that you shared!