Monday, 10 May 2010


A few days ago I developed strong feelings for this blackbird:

Well, she is a blackbird but she is brown, because she is female.

She sat there, very very patient, waiting ...

... until HE arrived:

He, obviously the Mr.Right, Miss Blackbird had been waiting for. He arrived the very next day.

Look closer. Can you see them both? (this is the only blackbird-pic that offers a zoom-in, the others are all crops. I will borrow a tele-lens soon!)

He got so excited by her nest-building, he could not help but dancing:

I finish with 2 questions, maybe you can help me!
#1: what is it with the 10 things all over the Blogsphere? What are they?
#2: my uploaded pictures always appear in wrong order - first comes last, the last in first position. How can I fix this? Am I the only one having this small but still very annoying problem?

Because these serious questions drag down the vibe, I conclude withyesterday's exposure of Mother's Day:

You can look close and you will see a lot! There is my sister, my mum, the Gugelhupf I baked, following the Sacher-recipe and me, taking the picture!
I love this photo!

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