Monday, 3 May 2010

The Princess and the Pea

I never had a problem admitting I am the princess on the pea. The princess on the pea is probably as much misunderstood as is Miami Vice (the movie) the most underrated movie in 2006 (another story). However.

It seems as if I passed the pea-gene on to these fellows:

PS: the cussions are the remains of the Selig-sofa which had to give way after 35 yrs.


  1. This made me laugh and laugh; I love the associations you make. The adorable photo makes it even better.

    RIP, Sellig sofa! You had a good life.

  2. I figured out we are the same sign of the zodiac. familiar wavelengths we have, maybe? :)

  3. I'm 99% certain of it!