Sunday, 2 October 2011

Vienna Design Week 2011

Opening Night at the Palais Liechtenstein
The Vienna Design Week opened last Thurdsday and we are busy, visiting all the events, presentations, exhibitions, lectures, labs etc. ....
The Vienna Design Week as started and this year the talks and labs take place at a new venue, the Jean Nouvel Tower, close to the city centre.

Recycled designs
Designers at the VDW Lab
Another recycling design: reflecting buttons made of old license numbers

Next to the lab is the entrance to the Sofitel Stephansdom - a hotel that is situated somewhere in Vienna, but definitely not at St. Stephan's Cathedral.
Something went wrong - no hotel guests make use of the lobby
The building oposite the Jean Nouvel tower, what a contrast!

Speaking of buildings opposite - the construction site opposite our apartment is moving/changing slowly ...
There must have been 4 or 5 presentations going on at the same time.
les toilettes

Later on we moved to other venues, not as glossy as the Jean Nouvel building, but neverthe less very charming:
Today we visited an exhibition of polish designers:
The designers had to design objects that would fit in those boxes, I guess they are 1 x 1 x1 m
I liked these old drawers, that came to new life
The exhibition takes place in the building where the academy of fine arts has is placed:
Not a single cloud in the sky, bright light in early autumn.

Today's temperatures went up to the high 20's:
October 2nd in Vienna - unusual weather conditions

... still, winter goods already arrived in the shops.
I will pass on this pair of boots!
I have been carrying my LV Neverfull with my, it's the perfect purse since it's never full. Mr Paula thinks it's not the right design for the occasion and I guess he is right. What he does not know though - fashion needs fractions, by carrying this iconnic design I break the meaning of design whatever!
Right now Mr Paula is attending another lecture at the lab, later we will meet for a lecture in a movie theatre. I have to leave and save him a seat!!


  1. Those boots are awful!
    You live such an exciting life!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  2. It all looks very exciting and interesting. I keep trying to recognize buildings we saw when we were there in December. The Palais Liechtenstein looks very familiar.

    Those boots are awful!

  3. Hi Kristin! don't those boots look like the ones you throw out after a long winter with mud and rain and snow?

    Susan, if only I knew you back then ... Tonight we visited traditional craft-stores (silver, glass, jewellery), pictures will come soon! We also enjoyed a lecture held by Nipa Doshi / doshi levien. I never heard of them before and her lecture was inspirational. Tonight was the perfect design week-night and I remembered why I have been looking forward for it to take place over the past months.