Friday, 20 January 2012

The Choice

You could either stay at home and enjoy an elegant cup of tea or pack your tea in a thermos, together with sandwiches, dates and energy bars ....
.. and find out what a weekend in the Styrian mountains have to offer.

It's time for another skimountaineering course. I have to admit, I am not exactly what you would call highly motivated. The lack of snow in Vienna lead to a non-wintery-mood. It has been raining in the mountains this week.
How "convenient" we booked the course, no excuses! (otherwise we would of course stay away from nature and enjoy our livingroom over the weekend) Some books and the water kettle will accompany me, in case I really don't feel like exhausting myself outdoors.
Do you look forward to meeting a lot of new people you have only met once before, during theory lesson? I don't. I prefer to meet people I already know, people I like.

Enjoy your - hopefully - cozy weekend!


  1. Enjoy your weekened getaway!
    I'm looking forward to a quiet two days of R&R

  2. Have fun, Paula! Take lots of photos for us, if possible.

  3. coffeeaddict, what das R&R mean? Reading and Relaxing?

    Adrienne, the photos are online!

    sparrowsandsparkles, it was an adventure, a small one, but including tons of snow and the dangeres of snow. But nothing happened!!!

  4. I dread meeting new people in person, love meeting new people on line.