Friday, 6 January 2012

First Glance at Sicily

Am I going to visit a third-world country? What shocks me is all the dirt. The charm of a construction site everywhere I go with street view. Don't you just loathe google street view?
Now I understand, why people always say it's so tidy in Vienna. Because it is!

This is a street close to a touristic village close to Catania. Before seeing the pictures, I thought I might pay it a visit. Much acclaimed orange groves are nearby. Now I am almost sure I won't go there. Sure those pictures won't make it into any travel guide book.

To calm my nevers I "went" downtown*:
I might stay here for one night.

Ah, I already see myself - the way too stiff and rigid woman - arriving from northern Europe, arriving dwon south, in the very, VERY Mediterranean. The travel guide books write about southern equanimity. I would rather say phlegm.
Ma sigonora ...

* haha, I wrote"downton", the DVD set arrived, my mother is going to love it.


  1. The first time I visited Montenegro I experienced a similar shock. I never got completely used to seing garbage all over the place but the exprerience was all sorts of wonderful too.

  2. Beware driving in Sicily - they are lunatics, it was one of the scariest experiences of my life, especially in Palermo. The Aeolian islands are amazing, you should hovercraft out there too.

  3. coffeeaddict, by now I have read some books, it seems to be normal to be shocked as a foreigner. For the natives it's something else, they don't judge waste in the street the way we do. Really?

    Tabitha, you assure me we must go on a study-trip with a guide and not driving any car anywhere near any city! I am so looking forward to step on that island soon. Not soon enough to experience the almond blossoms, but soon enough to arrive there before summer, which means before April :-)