Thursday, 5 January 2012

Being a Grownup


Today I read coffeeaddict's blog (cat's pajamas, dog's tuxedos) posting on Age appropriate behaviour and what it means to be a grownup. I can so relate to her thoughts. I mean, look at this:

I just returned from the kitchen with this cup of coffee:
I could not help but complement the two "eyes" with a happy smile.
(the eyes are actually 2 brown marks, created by the two pipes of the coffee maker)

At school we used to have those friendship books. You would invite your friends and also familiy members to fill in their favourite dishes, music and books, eyecolour, haircolour and what their career aspirations are etc. Many friends age 10, 11 wanted to become a vet. My sister wanted to become a mother. I wanted to become a grown-up. How comes I have known myself back then so well already?

I have a New Year resolution I have been looking forward during the last days of 2011. It meets the topic about leading an adult life. Unfortunately it will affect my blogging habits, since the resolution is simple but effective:

No internet-access past 10pm at the Paula Residence.

I found myself spending way too many hours late at night in front of the computer. I have always envied Mr Paula, sitting on the couch, reading a book, while I was reading blogs, commenting and writing new postings. The night time has been very productive for my blog and entertaining when I read your postings. But the same time I felt I missed something: the books that wait to be read. It feels good to read books. I remember books I read during vacations. I enjoy the company of books and don't want to fall asleep after the third page, because it's 12.15am by the time I get to start reading.

In case this all does not seem very adult to you – the truth is, my resulution somehow ready like a restricted internet-access for children – did I already say I want to become a grown-up? Right now I feel as if my adult me tells my child me to go to bed. And it feels quite good, having this someone who looks after me.

The main aim behind the resolution is that I want/need to go to bed before midnight. Millions of people can't sleep, even friends my age already suffer from insomnia. My grandparents could not sleep a lot in their late years, either. I don't want to waste those years that com with healthy sleep. As long as I still can sleep, I want to sleep those 8-9 hours. And the construction site in our street wakes us every morning around 6am and I definitely need more than 6 hours of sleep. Over the Christmas Holidays we noticed how exhausted we were from all the noise since March 2011, that's when the construction site started. The last days have been quiet. Sometimes you need a break from the ongoing strain, just to realize how stressing the strain has been. We enjoy the silence.

Best wishes for 2012!


  1. I've made a similar decision a few months ago and as always with such monumental shifts it takes time to adjust. I'm seeing my first results: I spend a bit less time on the Internet and a lot less time playing games.
    Thanks so much for continuing the discussion on age appropriate behaviour :-D

  2. Paula, I'm also having to re-evaluate online time, in part because I'm spending too much time online but also because the excessive keyboarding is starting to inflame my hands again. Not good :(.

  3. coffeedaccict, maybe it will become a trend soon. But where will we meet if not online?

    Susan, I hope your hands get better, soon since you need them for taking more beautiful photos in 2012.

  4. Oh dear Paula, all I'm saying is wait till you see my post tomorrow,
    I have a chum for your coffee man.

  5. Tabitha, hmm, which chum? The Rolls-Royce would please him for sure! But I am not sure you were referring to the car. ;-)