Saturday, 28 January 2012

One Word: Amazing.

How lucky we are!
The weather-forecast said clouds, snow and wind, but we had blue skies, no wind and sun til it set.
Now we are off to a Cocktail, so I will have to leave you with the pictures, but trust me: they tell the story very well.

Like last weekend, no snow in Vienna, green fields around Vienna and tons of snow behind the Semmering-Mountain.

Kreuzschober/Mürzzuschlag: 2,5 hours of schlepping up the mountain, 30 min skiing downhill. Not included: all those moments where I stopped to take photos.

Comfortable starting time: 10.30 am
Cozy soups are being served in the mountain hut.
The pit latrine. Idyllic ;-)

Skimountaineering experiences a renaissance in Austria, every year more people leave the alpine ski ressorts and visit the woods and quiet slopes.

Have a nice Weekend!


  1. Breathtaking! You made me pine for a skiing trip.

  2. These are beautiful photos - I love snow and it's forecast for the UK this week! I'm not keen on driving in it - even though I now have winter tyres!

  3. Beautiful photos, what a lovely outing.

  4. LOL - Idyllic (latrine)! But agreeing with coffeeaddicht, miss b and Share my Garden regarding those beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing and once again happy to read you had such a great snowy weekend. xox, Macs

  5. Fantastic, I love trips like that and if it snows here I am heading to the hills - not as impressive as yours but it will have to do.

  6. coffeeaddict, I am almost sure there must be snow behind a mountain close to your hometown, too!

    miss b, thank you for stepping by and leaving a comment. I rather sit next to the driver, too.

    Share my Garden, the best above all is that I was not overly exhausted afterwards. Actually not exhausted at all but enjoyed a Cocktail and Champagne at night til midnight.

    Macs, honestly, when it is cold enough, the smell in the latrine is hardly noticable. Whenever you feel like trying out Schneeschuhwandern, I highly recommend the Kreuzschober, it is really close to Vienna.

    Tabitha, the best trip is the trip that leaves you with plenty energy to enjoy petits fours and champagne the same evening. Welcome to the Siberian cold. Will it strike UK, too? Temperatures are going down to -20°C and below next week.