Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Favourite Webcam

This webcam is my favourite webcam at the moment, situated on a mountain top 1 hour drive from Vienna, 2000m above sealevel.
The two photos were taken today (sun) and yesterday (ice and snow).
Spring is gaining ground, massivly!

My special interest in this particular webcam comes with a reason. I am going to join a mountain rescue team on call this weekend. I want to find out what motivates them to not only risc their health but also to spend their free time being on call for those, who often behave carelessly. The rescue hut is not far from the chapel. I am still undecided whether I should hike there or better mountaineer with skis. Snow, no snow, plenty of snow?

I could do the trip as a one-day trip, but I feel like adding one or two nights, including steam bath, sauna and company :-) at the inn right at the foot of the mountain. So we can go for a nice hike the next day, free from any project-work. No matter how interesting my projects often are, they are tense and the opposite of leisure time.

After the Nasenweg up the Leopoldsberg last Saturday, the Schneeberg will be another classic destination on my not-yet-written-list. Both famous for the Viennese since the 19th century and even before that! More classics to follow in 2012!


  1. Very cool! I look forward to reading about your adventure with the rescue team.

  2. Hi Adrienne! You are right about the adventure! Meanwhile the whole project turned out to become even cooler: I will stay overnight, up in the mountain, in the hut. I will have lots of time to talk to the men and get to know their motivation, why they decided do that job. I am so looking forward to see the sun set after a busy afternoon with hundreds of tourists, nightfall, it gets quiet ... So exciting! The steam bath has to wait for another time.

  3. Love the view and also the new, fresh layout". Wishing you lots of fun with your adventure, xox, Macs

  4. Looking forward to reading about your stay in a hut! My friend and I promised each other that one day, we'll go to Japan, specifically in Iya Valley and live in a primitive hut, work on thatching it, sleep in a large communal room on futons and an open hearth, and go hiking around Iya Valley. ( I remember you mentioned a trip to Japan, and maybe you'll find this interesting.

    By the way, why is the chapel all alone on a mountain? Is it some sort of pilgrimage site?

  5. Hi Macs! Thank you! Time to put the "coat" aside, it's spring!

    Tracy, happy to hear from you! Yes, the communal room. Exactly. This is the most adventurous part of the whole trip I guess. I will take a look at the website. Good question about the chapel. I googled it, it isn't a chapel, it's an actual church! The reason why it came into existence is quite tragic: it was built to remember Sisi, the empress who was killed. Sisi back then was somehow like a Lady Di in the 1990s. And here I am not saying anorectic and excentric but beloved and unique!