Monday, 12 March 2012

Photo Safari

Yesterday was the day: my youngest niece was invited to joins us at a Photo Safari. It was entertaining, a little educational, came with duck-feeding (not sure if this is allowed though) and the feeling that my niece will more likely remember the golden statue as "The Golden Man" and not as Johann Strauss. The parenthesis was Strauss, I needed an excuse to finish the safari at the Café Dommayer where Johann Strauss played his public debut, a waltz, for sure!

The weather could have been nicer, but at least it stayed dry. A few hours later, when we left my sisters place, my youngest niece was jumping up and down in front of the television set, playing with the WII. She loves to move! Mr Paula and I got tired just from watching her. Such a bundle of energy. Apropos energy: This song revives my energies in an instant. So cheerful! Parks and Recreation Theme Song And even more cheerful with the cast.

No familiar guys.

One cute anecdote: we sat down for lunch. A woman next to us was drinking a cup of coffee and reading newspapers. Half an hour later the woman was still sitting there and my niece leanded over towards us and whispered "the woman is still here, she just had one cup of coffee, why doesn't she leave".
It is true, the former Café had turned into a Café-Restaurant, which means much shorter durations of stays compared to typical Caféhaus-visitors, who sit for hours over a cup of coffee, sometimes just a "Kleiner Schwarzer" (Espresso).
I laughed at explained her that we are the ones who behave oddly, because the real Caféhaus-visitor never visit a Café to satisfy his /her hunger like we do, but to spend hours at the Café. Being alone, but reading the newspapers in company, just like the women next to us did.

The Photo Safari might be the beginning of a new series, a bicycle-safari later this year, might be fun, too!

PS: the hedgehogs had to go, it's spring! (even when the photos try to convince you otherwise)

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