Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Look Back

Can you guess today's post-theme from this screenshot?
Yes, we are back to hair!
In anticipation of the new haircut to come by tomorrow, I just took this "Before" picture, where I am NOT looking towards the camera, with all the hair brushed in front of my face but looking sideways:
I am surprised how nicely my hair behaves, since I have not brushed it a single time for the last 10 hours. Kerastase 'Bain de Whatever' is the secret. Plus 'Bain the etc Conditioner' and 'Ciment Thermique'. Amazing, how THREE products in a row won't weigh your hair down.

Don't get me wrong: This is not a bad haircut. My hairstylist did not do a bad job, two weeks ago. But it is not the haircut I want. What turns this into a bad haircut plus my hairstylist into a bad hairstylist, because I asked for a haircut that would not allow me to wear a ponytail.
*Beginning of thoughts in hair seen from the back*

Hello ?! Did my hair grow like insane since Feb. 24? I can tell you, It did not. mmmh. But nice strands anyway! Now that's what I call a bunch of thick hair – could someone please tell the annoying Lady.

*End of thoughts on hair seen from the back*

Sooooo. Tomorrow is the day. Again, another day. Another appointment at another salon. But what tradition and history to find at that salon! I started going there 20 years ago. TWENTY. I am old, I am sexy and the hairstylist is cool and I am one of his oldest customers. We are cool friends, really cool. (Please picture Liz Lemon aka Tina Fey saying the last sentence while wiggeling with her shoulders and waist in a more than silly way. Though it could be Leslie Knope aka Amy Poehler*). Yes, excitement it is.

See you in 24 hours (+/-), with a new, definitely shorter haircut. Which should be it about all the hair for some time around here.

xo, Paula

*I know, the aka is meant to be the other way round, but this way round seems more suitable to me.


  1. Well good luck, woman! Love your choice of Leslie K to illustrate your hair issues.

    ps Am very excited to learn more about your side job project mentioned in the last post. Sounds super-interesting and you always tell such great stories about your subjects.

  2. Hi Vix, thank you for being so kind!
    We (Mr Paula and I) have lots of fun with Leslie K. We had watched P&R in the past but did not get hooked and now I know why: Leslie's character was/is too close to Michael Scott's character (from Dunder Mifflin, Scranton PA). Now that Michael has left the company, Leslie shines better than ever.
    I am not sure if I emphasised properly, what big role the "new" old hairstylist had played in my life in the past. Our acquaintance dates back to 1992. 1992, when Vienna still behaved very 1986.
    It was great to see how we both did not age a day during the past 20 years. hehe. I could tell the whole story in this comment but I will dedicate a posting to yesterday's event. Have a nice spring-season-weekend!