Saturday, 10 March 2012

A Short Update on Short Hair

Yes, he did use a round-brush for a perfect fine-tuning with the scissors on the dry hair. Having worn my beanie over the last 24 hours, I am assured, this haircut does not need a round brush to look good. Actually that's the point where I distinguish a good hairstylist from a poor hairstylist: the very moment he picked up the round brush, he paused, looked at me and said "you are not going to need this, I just want to fine-tune the cut. You will just dry your hair and be done".

Ruppitsch knows what it takes to tame my hair: scissors and the boldness or should I call it dauntlessness? - to thin out the hair to such an extent, that my hair can fall in shape. Not all women are fans of thinning out the haircut. I used to loathe it when the hairstylist started reducing my hair with that special scissor, that cuts away half of the volume. My mother - with her love for back-combing - calls those hairstylists "hair-haters" because they would thin out the haircut, she thinks they envy the volume of our hair. If it's hair-envy, so be it, it's what my hair needs.

Too bad I did not take my camera with me, the chopped hair on the floor would have been worth some google-hits. (chopped hair on the floor and on capes turns out to be one of the top-hits for my blog. *gg*)

It has been 20 years since I first opened the door to that tiny salon for the first time and it has been 10 years since my last haircut at that salon. I want to write more about that salon and how it feels to return to the hairstylist that has been the first salon outside your home-district.

Hm, this update turns out to be not that short at all.

But not today. I need to get a rest, because tomorrow it's the day:
Tomorrow is photo-safari time with my younges niece. She does not really know what to expect and having scrapped half the evening I guess I have a plan. Lets hope for friendly weather!

Now lets see what you have to say. I mean I have been teasing you with my hair-issues far too long and intense for you to remain quiet now that I arrived at my final destination.

In case you wonder why this posting lacks excitement: I AM really happy with the new haircut. The reason why this posting might not exactly express my feelings, is the 4-hour-hike up AND around the Leopoldsberg earlier today and a little lack of sleep (speaking of which ...).
For your information: We did not have to leave Vienna to walk this hike. The whole trail was within the limits of the city of Vienna. You just have to love this city.
This is spring! Voices of birds in the air and tiny yellow and purple flowers in bloom.
I am tired! Good night xo

PS: Please excuse me for not showing my face this time, but after an face turned downwards on the massage bed, my face is a mess.

No compensation has been received.


  1. your new haircut looks great!!!

  2. I am with Anna...your cut looks like it suits you...lovely. :)

  3. What a beautiful cut. I like how the length hits you at the jaw line. I am trying to picture it on you and think it must be very flattering.
    Have a wonderful time with your niece.

  4. I love your haircut!

    Seriously, I feel you must have the hair and face for this. A few years back, I asked my stylist to do this for me, and she gave me a whole host of reasons why she couldn't. She did her thing (which was very nice), but not this. How perfect! And--more important--FUN!

    I'm so glad to learn of Viennese hikes that aren't outside the city. My knowledge of Vienna is very light, and wholly about the inner city. I would welcome such a tour with delight.

  5. Might we see your haircut from the front too?

  6. Great cut, the length is just perfect. After having read yesterday's post I started thinking about my own terrible habbit to put my hair in a pony tail and just completely ignore my hair from that point on.

  7. Looks great from the angle shown and I trust you that it's just as good front-on. You and your former hairstylist..."reunited and it feels so good."

    Thanks for the hike photos. The tourist bureau should really give you a stipend because this blog has rocketed Vienna way up on my list of cities I want to visit!

  8. I really love your haircut. Now if only the humidity, heat and my perspiration would cooperate, and if I had thicker hair, I'd get the same one for myself.

    I don't really understand the "hair thinning" issue: your hair looks full, just managed and shaped. But then my hair is on the thin side, sadly.

    Another reason to love Vienna: beautiful, clean and the built environment is in harmony with nature.

  9. Anna, thank you! In case you are ever in need of a talented hairstylist, you know where to find the place.

    Jeanne, thank you, too!

    Catherine, the place we visited, with the hill to hike up - it is somehow a power place. The place where the church is standing, on top of the hill, next to the Danube river - people must have had reasons to choose that place 400 years ago when they planned building a church on that hill-top. (the hill is actually called "mountin".)
    The hair IS fun, the way it moves when I move. Movement it is!

    metscan, I am sure I am going to post a photo showing my face in the near future. Right now I am not quite in the mood for it. But that mood will change, for sure!

    coffeeaddict, hairclips might become my new ponytail (to keep the forehead clear from hair). How to people say: hair works like antennas. Sometimes I need my face free from any kind of "reception".

    Vix, you nailed it, reunited ... The crazy thing is: being at a salon and leaving it one (sometimes 2) hours later hasn't felt that good in a long time!
    One might think, people find this blog, because they have been searching for photos of Vienna. Wrong! What they've looked for is "chopped hair on the ground", "Cameron Diaz bob" and today a remarkable "dirty hair on people who have not cleaned themselves"-quest lead to my blog.
    :-/ ?!?
    Not so sure, if the tourist board would like that. Tomorrow's (march 13) posting shows some of Vienna's top-touristic-destinations in a whole new light (well, it was a rather grey-in-grey-light, but that's not the whole story)

    Hi Tracy! thank you for your comment! About the thinning: I would love to link towards a before/after thinning photo, but I could only find gross photos.
    That's a beautiful compliment you give the city of Vienna. My friend and I enjoyed the views, too. We also love it how the tradition goes on, our parents used to go there and our grandparents went there, too. And the best part: not much has changed in those years. (don't get me wrong: I do not want to preserve every corner, but some corners are meant to remain intact!!)

  10. Hi Paula, I love your new new hair very Anna Wintour and the colour is lovely too xx

  11. Horray for Ruppitsch! "Just dry your hair and be done", isn't that wonderful!

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