Thursday, 22 March 2012

A presto!


Time for another message :-)
apropos message: the comment-function has disabled due to my absence until April. It will be back to normal as soon as I return from my vacation. Thank you for your patience!

Is it just me or has the City of Vienna been really attractive today?
All those many attractive, happy people in the street.
Oh, I see it's the 20°C that make a huge difference. It's Spring!

My favourite springy colours:
Shirts that kept me busy last night.
Wolford leggings hide white legs ...

... while flower bouquets hide ...
... brainless shop-window mannequins?!

When did they lose their head?

However, bouquest seem to be à la mode these days:
I am probably going miss those in bloom:
Old-school readers know what great potential these green leaves include.

After last year's rather boring white/yellow-combo, I hope for something more exciting, maybe some hardcore colour-blocking, just like 2010?

As I already posted before: see you in April, this time for real. :-)
xo Paula

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