Monday, 9 August 2010

Eddie, the man with an open mind

A few days ago I have been buzzing with excitement - Eddie & Jaithen left a comment! They liked it around here. I have been following Eddie's Blog for some time. But it was this particular posting where Eddie transformed a neglected bench into a beauty.

"Flea markets are full of hidden treasures like these. Just keep an open mind, and you never know what you'll find!".
Eddie Ross

This morning my colleague at work surprised me with a true finding. She did not find it at a fleemarket but way below fleemarket-level: next to the container with used clothes in the street:

An old slide-storage. From the 1960's. Agfa was kind of Europe's KODAK. It is worth zooming in, just look at the beautiful typo!

The people who gave it away knew, it would have been a pity, to throw it in the garbage. And: They had style! At least when it comes to choosing destinations:

Can you read the memories: Capri, Rom, Cap d'Antibes - they surely knew where to go!

A few days ago, before havibg read Eddie's posting, I probably would have been overwhelmed by gift. What to do with this neglected souvenir? But having Eddie's bench on my mind I can literally see the hidden treasure in the box. I will keep the typo on top but renew the front lid and remove the plastic-compartments at the inside and line it with some fabric paper. And of course the ribbon will be renewed, too!

The mindset would not be complete without Pipilonia's creativity. She shows you how to make an album DIY. That's where I got to know fabric paper.

1st Eddie, 2nd Pipilonia + my colleague showing up with the surprise - it makes perfectly sense! I only feel a bit sorry not being able to show you any photos of the transformation yet, since I am in the middle of "the other project":
Sticking 300 photos into an album.

Gambatte (gahm-baht-teh)

Tonight is Blogger-Night. This last pictures goes out to cotton socks: cotton, this an Austria dish, Kaiserschmarrn. You rather not accompany it with a cocktail. More likely with cold milk. :))
Good night!


  1. Hi Paula! What a great find, full of history! Thank you for your sweet post!

    Eddie + Jaithan

  2. my dear paula, I am touched to finde my garbage gift on your "menu"!

  3. What a great find/gift!

    Too bad the slides weren't still in it -- though hopefully they have stayed with the family.

    Had they remained, you could have put your ramped-up DIY skills to good use by creating a lamp along the lines of the one below. [I saw something similar in person and loved it!]

  4. Eddie, Jaithan,
    I know I will transform this box some day soon!

    thank you for enabling this transformation to come!

    i have never seen a thing like this before! My father could fix a lamp with all the Vegas Wedding Chapel-pics he took back in the 70's! :)