Sunday, 8 August 2010

Favourite Places - Part I

2010 won't be the year of great getaways. Time to enjoy previous escapisms.

Austria once bordered on the Mediterranean. And way before that, there was a sea all over Austria. Some days, preferably in late autumn, you get the chance to see the sea:

Above the Klagenfurt basin, late afternoon before sunset, Carinthia 11/2008

How I define those places which make me happy? Sitting in Vienna right now, looking at such a picture I feel a sentiment *sigh*

More to come!

I entered the photo in a Homeland-"competition"


  1. the most beautiful places on earth are worth waiting a lifetime to visit for. :)

  2. all the photos of austria look amazing.
    i love a city where you can get around on a bike.
    something i really love about europe.
    its a lot harder here in Melbourne.
    The city is spread out a lot and not many bike lanes.
    Drivers aren't so aware of bikes and often hit them.
    Not safe!

    I realised the other day my Aunty is from Austria too!
    Maybe that's why she is such a good cook!

  3. Wynne,
    I might not be patient enough. Maybe I will visit those places 2, 3 times. this life! :)

    Cotton Socks,
    I miss the bike whenever I am away, in a place where no bike is available. Except Amsterdam - but I did not fancy this crowded bike-place where everyone rides the bike and the lanes are really crowded. Somehow the still-exotic status of riding the bike in the city among a few is the most pleasant way to ride.
    Here in Vienna it is rather like cyclists hit pedestrians! Because many lanes are shared space with the pavements.