Thursday, 5 August 2010

What is Happening? Scrapping ?!

Hello my dears!
I have been neglecting my cameras lately which leads straight to neglecting the blog because the one can't be without the other. What have I been doing lately, so busy? No, I did not launder all the time.

To some of you my latest passion might be even worse than laundring.
If you would have told me one week ago that I would post pictures of a card I scrapped myself by August 5 ...
Scrapping? Me? ? Excuse me ...

Lets put two and two together and here it is: The obvious. First incident: spotting the cover I handcrafted for my mum 30years ago. Only we did not call it scrap back then. Second incident: I watched "New in Town" which starts with ladies, scrapping.

The rest is ... well, see for yourselves:

none of these things have been around but the day before yesterday
Tweezers-scissors! Who can live without a pair of these?

You might want to cut out a snail:

Ok, we can do better than that!

Paper! I used to spend a large amount of my pocket-money on paper.

How could I neglect this passion for so long?

There is more paper around, gift wrapping paper.

No paper is safe from Paula no more. Cut cut cut cut cut

Having had cut all the gift wrapping paper - fruit wise - it was time time to get started. To me more precise: 11pm.

ta daa! this creation just came out of my mind!

I had no idea how good it feels to make decisions like "how wide should the red stip be? 1 inch or two?" And which fruit should align the journaling-page?

Since this was way too exciting, I decided to try embossing for the first time ever, at 12.30am.

The kitchen-toaster provides heat and makes the letters pop up. Quasi a zero-kcal pop up tart.
Mr Paula stated the left hand of the inside of the card was a bit too rectangular.
I agree!

Today, like every morning since monday, I hit the handcrafts-store before going to work.
I suceeded and continued:
Nothing works better than butterflies plus triangles to loosen up ANY situation.

I am still undecided to whom I will send this card to. My sponsor? My oldest friend who loyaly send me birthdaycards every year?
Surprise! Ranking the suprising changes in the year of the metal tiger, I rank scrapping only a little below going blonde. hehe. Both are fun. Both are pricey. Whoa!


  1. LOVE these!! Great images + great product!

    Eddie & Jaithan

  2. At least you can leave the scrapbooking alone when you want; you can't say the same thing about any dark roots!

    Laundry, are nesting like crazy ever since your renovation. And bursting with creativity besides. I am doing neither, which makes me enjoy your efforts even more!

  3. Hi Eddie, hi Jaithan! It is a pleasure knowing you around!

    Vix, well well, the dark roots. I do hope the salon has new magazines the next time I am around, about 3 weeks from now. I don't want to learn "W" and "ELLE" by heart! ;-)