Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Queen of Routines

I have to admit I don't deal too well with any changes that take place close to me. Call me the Queen of Routines! A few weeks ago my colleague announced, she is leaving. She has been around ever since I entered the firm, we have been sharing a room for almost 7 years. Oh yes, the seven year itch!

Changes stress me and I know my ways to relief stress. One strategy that always works for me is tidying up.

This brother-device is ... fun!

I started the major project at work, getting videos and audio-files into order. It is soothing and brings peace to my mind.

Another stratagy is thinking of nice people. LPC commented earlier about the stately appearance
of my home-city Vienna. I like having her thoughts on my mind when I cycle through the city. Today I could not resist taking a picture of the really stately, well, more imperial Museum of Natural Sciences, very close to my workplace. I was on my way back from lunch-break:

The third stratagy for today is my little camera (Please take a look at the link, it is an amazing micro-site which expresses my thoughts when it comes to photography. Unfortunately I can't link directly to the special-content site).

She surprises me again and again, how well she behaves. Probably the most underestimated device on Earth. This church-photo is crop, I am about 1km away from the "Minoriten-Church". One of the best features of the camera is the sky. My SLR can't catch the clouds the way the DP1 does.

This church looks particullary nice in the early morning before sunrise when the sky turns pale pink.

Goodbye, I am off to channeling Martha Stewart with my littel brother-device, let me label the world!


  1. Paula, I thank you. And am so glad to have played a part.

  2. Paula ~ this is what we are doing - We are building the garage- and we will actually live in the garage for now. Park our cars outside.
    I call the temporaty house in the garage the little house. There will be an upstairs to the garage/little house. we will have 2 bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.
    we will eventually build the rest of the house - I am hoping not for a long time. I just want a little house.
    I will go take a photo of it right now.
    then when we build the "big" house we will take out the walls, but garage doors in and it will transform back into the garage for us to park our cars in.
    if I am not making sense please let me know.

  3. Lisa, maybe I will switch to modern views of the city. But somehow the old buildings are pleasant ...

    Kirstin, this sounds crazy and great at the same time! I enjoy every single photo you post :)

  4. Crazy and great ha! I think you are right!!!