Friday, 6 August 2010

Go West

The opening image is just an eyecather. has nothing to do with the following ... I just like it for the fact that is an eyecatcher. That's why it is around all year long despite being a christmas-thingy.

After yesterday's exitement - the paper experience - I decided to take it down a notch, time for a cool down.

During summer my way back from work takes me to the outskirts of Vienna. You are going to see this ride by bike step by step.

Here I am at Westbahnhof, a huge building lot where the new central station to be is developping. The pictures lack saturation due to the daytime (8pm) and the dry, hot sandy air in the city.

Some of you might remember the flower bed that caught my attention this spring.

Here you see the same flower bed in summer. The plants hold up really well, despite the heat.

Attention, attention: the flowers are the same flowers you can see in the picture above, the round flower bed in front of the construction site at Westbahnhof.

I admire the choices of colours. Not too colourfull but well assorted they are:
I had the chance to meet one of the people in charge who decide which colours will bloom all over the city, millions of plants planted in hundreds and thousands of flower-beds. The trend is "less is more". 3 colours at most!

Mr Paula and I spend the summer in the outskirts of the city, imitating the emperor anno 1910, he also escaped the city and spend the summer months in Schönbrunn, his residence. Well, our home is not Schönbrunn palace, but since I pass it on my way home from work I thought why not stop and take a thorough look:

Thesde pictures tell the story. The ride home is tranquil, the air is warm and the city slows down. Vienna is a city that does sleep. At night. And night starts early around here.

Go West!

I could not live without my "comfort shopper", the attached basket in front of the bike.

The emperor had his private underground-station, the Kaiserpavillon around 1900.

This window is part of 'Fuchs', the place where go would go to get either: Lampe Berger AND The Laundress. Shall we call it Ladies' and Gent's heaven?

Having admired the store way too long, it got dark by the time I continued the ride home.

Good night and enjoy this August-weekend!


  1. I love to see your photos. I remember I was in Vienna, in 1979...briefly. For a trip. It was very stately.

  2. The Kaiserpavillon looks gorgeous; have you been inside (if even possible)?

    I *do* remember these flower beds and am enjoying their summer incarnation. Look at your with your insider info -- less is definitely plenty in this instance, given the sprightly play of color and textures.

    Thanks for the tour.

  3. LPC,
    the 70ies! Back then Vienna was way greyish and brownish. Especially the coats and shoes. ;-)
    Wait until you see my very stately photos from my short trip to the "Salzkammergut", quasi the cradle of Sound of Music :)

    yes, it is possible to visit the Kaiserpavillon! Me, having been a priviledged child, going to school close to the pavillion had the chance in very early years to get in contact with culture and architecture.
    In the Salzkammergut I have seen the most beautiful flower beds, zillions of colours though! I will post pictures!

  4. Dear Paula, I have never been to Vienna, you have inspired me, I am going to plot a visit!

  5. Blighty, really, this boring bycicle lane inspired you? I am sure I am going to post pictures from various Christmas Markets starting November. Funny though since I started blogging I fell for the historic spots, before I focused more on modern corners of this City.