Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hints of Spring

Vienna was experiencing unusual high temperatures during the last week (-13°C).

Which colour says "spring"?
No, not blue as seen in the picture below. This is just a starter for today's posting.

This is how I start my day. No way, you would rather stay in bed:

Recently, while reading other people's blogs, I noticed that picture-titles below the pictures aren't practical at all. From now on, I will place the title on top of each photo. Due to scrolling-reading, which differs from book/paper-reading, some layout-rules don't apply anymore. I was wrong (thinking, below would be the proper place).

Back to the mild climate and 13°C .... it did not take long and I started seeing spring everywhere:

one ingredient of a late pasta-dinner:

After 15 years I said good bye to the soap dish in the bathroom. Had enough of the stains every second day inside the dish. Liquid soap it is!

First I intended to buy the figue-soap by Savon de Marseille, but since I am on the green wave, I could not resist the Verveine. And I can tell you, the scent is divine!

Spring = Skirts = Tights

Good old Palmers - they have been redesigned and Libelle (the cheapest 20DEN tights you can find) don't come in this wrapping any more:

Skirts = Shirts = Ironing

Ah, the best way to start a fresh day:

Ready, Refill and ... Plug:

With Shu Uemira, "Moisture" comes in green

Ok, maki edo does not count as green but since I fall for wabisabi, and it is a nice bridge from the Shu Uemura above, it is in.

The remains of a high end shop-bag - ready for salvation army. Just the paper bag, not the purse!

In case you enjoyed the hints of spring, you will love this:
Beate is the best "photo-picker" I know so far :-)

Speaking of bloggers - the moment you post a funny, beautiful and entertaining posting, please let Louise know! She is ended up in the hospital (!!!) shortly after Yasi had hit her house. Now she has lots of time and a laptop with her.

Have a nice day!


I almost forgot the oldest green:
He was a gift from my first babysitter, '74 probably. No Steiff-bear for me but bell-bottoms and lots of chest hair. Over the years the cotton went down into his legs and he became a small chested bear.


  1. my favourite sign of spring is cherry blossoms blooming all over the city.

    And skirts with no nylons.

  2. you might like this street:
    I am counting the days until they start to bloom.

  3. Paula, let me know - does the link not work to listen on the blog or at blogtalk radio???
    I am getting ready for a big show today, let me know. I will comment later today about the hair

  4. Kristin, it is just the link from your blog towards the blog radio-website at yesterdays posting. The website (blog radio) works perfectly fine, just the link from your blog seems to be broken. Have a pretty show!

  5. High temperatures in Vienna -13 degrees....I wish I was there!!!!!
    The late night pasta looks pretty good - I love a roasted vegetable!
    I have seen that particular soap here in Brisbane and always loved the container, but have not yet purchased - should I invest??

  6. StylishShoeGirl, I would say yes, give it a try! Though I have no idea how pricey the soap is in AUS. In AUT it costs 15 EUR, which equals 20 $.

  7. Och süüß, Paula!Danke Dir! :)
    Wir haben hier auch so eine herrliche Sonne und ich bin so froh, dass wir keinen Sturm, Regen oder schon wieder Schnee kriegen.
    Dein Bügeleisen ist wirklich frühlingstauglich mit diesem exquisiten GRÜN (meins ist adriablau - ich glaube, ich habe das selbe).Nur bügeln müsste es noch von selbst...bin leider kein enthusiastischer Bügler mehr (Prioritäten verschieben sich mit den Jahren ;)..)
    Sonnige-grüne Grüße! Beate

  8. Wow! Really?!
    Just goes to show how expensive everything is in Australia.
    The last time I saw it I thought it was around the AUD$50 mark...
    Might make a nice Mothers Day present for my Mum though:)

  9. Hi Paula,
    Thanks for thinking of me.
    Had the miseries for 2 days - yucko.
    Sympathetic Drs and Nurses just say - "What do you expect, you've broken your back" - yeah guys that really helps.
    Sorry, whinge whinge, moan moan.

    Paula! Where are the photos of beautiful down town Vienna - particularly the bakeries????