Friday, 4 February 2011

Likes and Dislikes (1)

I like the King of Queens.
The show is old, the plot is simple but it's fun to watch! Nice cast.

I don't like it when staff at the bakery squeezes the Pain au Chocolat or Croissant brutally with the tongs and the poor, former fluffy pastry ends up flat in the paper bag.

intact Croissant to the right

I don't like walking behind a smoker in the street when I am trying to catch some fresh air after work on my way home.

I like watching birds jumping around in treetops.
I like watching birds in general. And of course listening to their chitchat.

So much for today.
Have a wonderful weekend!

The journey through Likes and Dislikes continues here.


  1. I don't like walking near smokers either...
    especially since they often flick their butts and it's dodgy not knowing which direction to pass on not wanting to be hit.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I hate cigarette smoke too!!!
    There is nothing worse, or more rude than someone smoking at a table when people are trying to eat.
    Though, fortunately, smoking rules in Australia have changed in the last few years.
    I also completely agree about purchasing a pastry and it never having the same appearance as it one did in the cabinet..
    Have a great weekend!
    Oh, and this weekend I am going to do a post on Queenslander houses - interior features and the streets surrounding my home - just thought I'd let you know, as you showed interest a few posts back!

  3. Jaaaaa,Paula!Ich bin auch ein *King of Queens*-Gucker und liebe Doug (Duck?) Heffernan/Hefferman sehr (und weiß nicht mal wie er geschrieben,tz!). Die Serie ist ein Evergreen und da kommt so schnell auch nix nach.
    Croissants gibt es bei mir gleich morgen zum Frühstück und ich mag sie auch wie der Bäcker sie schuf - u n v e r s e h r t...:))
    Ich kann keinen Raucher vor mir, neben mir leiden (hinter mir ist er mir ausnahmesweise wurscht.Da bin ich doch glatt großzügig...;))und finde es eine grandiose Leistung unserer Regierung dieselbigen aus den Restaurants verbannt zu wissen. Es gab nichts Schlimmeres als *Marlboro*-Nebelschwaden über dem Essen zu haben.
    Natürlich dürfen die Menschen rauchen, wenn sie das unbedingt wollen, aber nicht, wenn dadurch ein Nichtraucher beeinträchtigt wird...
    Ohne unsere Vögelchen wäre die Welt nur halb so schön und auch ziemlich still.
    Happy weekend! Beate

  4. I dislike when they crush the pastries! They still taste the same but aren't as pretty.

  5. Paula: Wolford tights are the best!!!
    A nice weekend to you too : )

  6. Hostess, the "flick" is another part I forgot about. Can you imagine my face when I pass cars caught in a traffic jam - me on the bycicle lane, them sitting in their cars, bored, smoking and they flic their cig out the window the moment I pass by ...

    StylishShoeGirl, can't wait to see the inside! Yes, the laws tend to be more and more on our side. In Europe all the countries where smoking is still allowed don't understand how Italy could become a non-smoking nation (by law, in the restaurants) Italy, the land of the cool. Or even more bizarre: Irish Pubs! and it works. In Austria the minister for health is unfortuately too weak. But time is on our side. It gets better year after year. In my students days I had to leave a disco because of the smoke and the burning eyes. How lucky my nieces and nephew are!

    Beate, was ich eben oben an StylishShoeGirl geantwortet habe sage ich natürlich auch dir! :-))
    Die Gesichter der Italiener müsstest du sehen, wenn sie in Wien in ein Lokal gehen wo es noch immer nach Rauch stinkt.
    Ja, Doug, das ist schon lustig, wie so was einfach einen so erfreuen kann. Hauptsache herzlich!

    Jen, I started to look away the moment they grab the pastry, like not watching when you get an injection, quasi!

    Metscan, I don't remember anymore when we got in touch, I posted some Wolford-postings last spring, you might like them:
    Nina Garcia recommends the opaque ones in her book "100 things every stylish woman should own". I guess she is right.
    You could totally kick off the tube dresses with your figure! I would ressemble more a sausage than a sexy woman.

  7. I just discovered your blog via the ever fabulous FF. Her influence knows no bounds. And that marvellous Blighty reads you too. That can't do a girl's reputation any harm. I am going to spend time reading all your previous
    Kindest regards,

  8. Hi marina, welcome! There is nothing better than a good reputation :-) Do you know Louise's blog from Townsville, AUS? I discovered her lately and enjoy her writing. Unfortunately she is "over there" at wordpress, I can't really follow her via blogspot.
    Thank you for taking a look at the past postings.
    You meet me at posting #100. I thought I might recommend some of my favourite postings. I don't know where you live, here you get to see a bit of Vienna, too:

  9. HI Paula,
    I agree with you bout the squeezing of bakery goods.
    Mind you, in Townsville there are no really good bakery shops anyway.
    Good for the waistline, bad for the tastebuds.
    I guess I could try and bake like FF, but that is sooo not going to happen.

    I agree with you about this darn WordPress - everyone is complaining to me that it's hard to connect to and to comment on.
    Plus i can't work it, I can't get a sidebar and link to your blog. so, I'm going to see if anyone at Uni can help me in two weeks, or then it's blogger for me.
    When you read my post today, you'll understand why I'm typing in bed.
    Tee Hee

  10. Hi Louise, glad I received a message in advance, I was disturbed truly when I saw what happend to you. I spent most of today in bed, too. Mostly for recreation and recharging my batteries. Guess I am kind of lucky. I cut down baking for myself due to horrendous numbers on my scale after christmas.

  11. Oh I hate when baked goods get crushed, I carry them like newborn babies!
    And I'm with you on easy to reach weekend trips.

  12. Paula, I have been trying to comment on Metscan for months, but can't get a comment through. It's the wordpress I know, but I can post on other Blogger blogs. If Metscan reads this, Is there a way to comment from Wordpress on your blog. I usually choose OpenID, but can't find it on Metscan comment box.

    Paula - sorry to use you as a Post Office. Tee Hee.

  13. Tabitha, I am glad I did not post a photo of a crushed croissant. Would have been too disturbing.

    Louise, you are very welcome! hehe. The post office was always my favourite building of the Fisher-Price Village. I will leave a comment at Metscans post and tell her. Wordpress can't this "microsoft to apple" as it seems right now.