Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Small Successes

When I met my dental hygienist the first time, she was shocked and called my mouth the red sea, because as soon as she started grating and scratching, there was blood everywhere.

Since the first appointment which was a few years ago, I kept going once a year. Today was the day, again. Over the last months, I have been taking my dental hygiene quite seriously. Brushing, flossing, using an interdental brush, too, and last week I even started using a mouthwash twice a day. Funny coincidence, my best friends mum started using a mouthwash in the same week. Where did Listerine place the ad that immerged into our subconsciousness?

Today, while lying on the dentist's chair, I noticed how fast she actually got along. There was not much of the scratching and grating. And way less invitations to rinse the mouth due to bleeding. I kept peeking at the clock on the wall and after 30 minutes it was done, including massaging, brushing between the teeth and everything that tortures the gums. The appointment originally had been scheduled for 1 hour.

The hygienist stated that she can tell I take care. And she charged only half of the scheduled fee (1 hr). Having saved 50 EUR, I can buy lots of interdental brushes (very expensive), mouth wash (costly if brand-products) and use floss in excess.
I finally entered the inner circle of people with clean, well maintained teeth and quite healthy gums. ("quite", because we did not get along without any bleeding at all).

Apropos improving: yesterday I put an advice Peter Walsh gives into action: I de-cluttered my paper- and groverybags I store under the fridge. There were so many tiny paperbags from the perfumery inside the box, I tuck them all out and now it's much easier to pull a bag out of the box. Funny, how we tend to believe we have to keep stuff only because ...

I am looking forward to the next surprising spot I am going to de-clutter. Where will it be? The small tasks pop up, no big planning ahead. I just look into drawer or cabinett and there it is: the sudden insight, what gets to be done, N.O.W.

It feels good when you notice, how things improve over time. Could be your gums, could be the storage box you keep under the fridge.


  1. It is about the small successes.

  2. Oh Yes Paula! What a great post! I also have been really working on my dental care and decluttering! WONDERFUL post!
    The "use floss in excess" cracked me up! Hilarious!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, I am fine... I have ben focusinf on my home this past week because I really let things get out of hand! OH MY! THANK YOU SO MUCH for asking about me! That meant alot to me.
    Have a pretty day!

  3. Belated congrats on your gums, Ms P! I have felt your prior pain.

    I'm also joining you in decluttering, but it's due less to my gumption and more to the imminent arrival of a houseguest. You are so much more pure in your cleanliness than I....

  4. Paula, Congrats on the superior (FF) gums and teeth.
    Must admit, I hate flossing, but should do it more often.
    Hae not been brave enough to tackle that YouTube you were watching.
    Sounds icky!
    Home on Friday - yipeeeeeee.

  5. Paula~ if you would like to email me your address I would love to mail you a little something!
    Have a pretty day!

  6. Paula, Thank you so much for listening to the show!
    NO! I want to mail you something in the postal mail! ( :

  7. Vix, Babysteps are my size.

    Kristin, I will send you my adress right now! De-cluttering really pays back. Yesterday night we had to prepare our appartment for the monthly visit of the cleaning lady. Usually it took us some time to get all the surfaces clear etc. Yesterday it was so relaxed thanks to all paper, clothes and odd items that left the house over the last months.

    Vix, I get more and more the impression I really do NEED a quiet surrounding at home, with hardly any visual stimulus. Lucky me, Mr Paula is not into photo-collages on the wall or figurines on the sideboard.

    The youtube videos are mainly weird. You see the cellar where the girl is said to have spend several years. Meanwhile there are huge doubts she spent the time in the cellar, it's more likely she has been abroad for some years. Don't waste your time on this stuff. Watching demos of food processors on youtube is way more entertaining.

  8. I used to floss under the strict instruction of dental hygienist but have backslid in recent times; thank you for reminding me to start doing it again xx

  9. Blighty, be careful though, the corners of my mouth are already sore! too much brushing and flossing?! Isn't it also somewhat like a quest for the best floss? Haven't found it yet.