Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Soignée and Neat for 70 EUR

This morning I ended up with this: A basket full of goodies:

The skin perfector was the reason I visited the E-Shop in the first place. And I ended up with a full basket. This basket costs approx. 70 EUR. I could live without the moisturising booties, the rollers and the pop-up-brush. But not without the Becca shimmering skin perfector.

Friend G and I used to discuss how easily we spend 70 EUR these days. Too easy. This vicious Euro, we lost the sense of of the amount of money and value we spend, due to the "new" currency. What was 500 Schilling before is now 35 EUR. 500 Schilling was something you would keep for days in your wallet.
So the reason I am posting is posting today is that I dislike the easiness how willing I am to "just spend" 70 EUR.

Oh, how these items promise a neat, soignée and well-groomed appearance.
What to do?

PS: The rollers are my - hopefully ! - last attempt (the velcro and the velvet ones did not work out at all (velcro pulled the curls out when removing the rollers, velvet shedded velvet all over the floor and the hairstylist says, they will always shed ...). I know I look better with my straight hair, but still!


  1. It sounds very much like spending 100 dollars here, not very hard. I try to stay away from online shops as they tempt me too much.

    Hope the hair curlers work, I have naturally curly hair so am always doing the reverse.

  2. Online shopping seems to be so accessable that it invites over's almost never actually opens the wallet and handles the currency it's all a click and a credit card away...

    Good luck with the rollers used to work for me.

  3. Jen, you are doing a good job on straightening your hair, I did not see any curls on your photos. I did not order yet! I am glad that I've posted today's posting. It seems to move me away from the "final click".

    hostess, maybe I keep the basket until the end of the month and shop then, but only if plenty of money is left by then. Maybe it's not the best idea to start shopping on the 2nd day of the month at all. :-)
    Do you still use the rollers? It is such a project, compared to blow drying.

  4. Paula, I am so sorry I didn't post pic's yet of the little house! I have the camera... after looking allllll day for the charging cord . My son has it at his house!
    Hopefully the snow will be plowed off of the roads so i can go pick it up tomorrow!
    What about Hot rollers?

  5. Kristin, yes, the hot rollers. The problem with them is: they usually come in small sizes and - even worse: they are said to damage dyed hair more than a drying hood. Isn't it silly, how one does not feel pretty with the hair one is born with. :-/

  6. HI Paula,
    I've been loving your comments. Thanks so much for keeping up to speed with Yasi.
    As soon as I work out how to layout my blog properly, I'm getting you on my sidebar.
    (I find Wordpress - ummmm very challenging!).

    So, I am VERY SORRY, but we Aussies are LOVING the Euro.
    After years, and years and years of having a worthless currency, we now get lots more of your currency for a dollar. Shopping is wonderful.

  7. Louise, to me wordpress is the exotic part of the blogshpere, though they have been around first. I guess you are loving the Euro as much as the Japanese are these days. No wonder I stay at home. The world seems so expensive these days, thank you, Greece. >;-(