Tuesday, 1 February 2011

You Can Tell Christmas Season is Finally Over ...

Late November I opened my best-ever Christmas Season by cancelling a project at my 2nd job. I have received a lot of quality time in return. Now it's Feb 1st and I am back to double-duty.

During daytime I am Paula C Kent ...
Ordinary printer in an ordinary office

And at night I become Super MC Paula ...
A cheapo H&M cosmetic pouch provides the professional appearance.
(The fake-fur is a wind-shield. )

Marie Curie does her best and tries to stop me ...

"No, please, stay with me! Don't go working late!
Lets have a good time and stay at home!"
The red herring aka necklace from H&M is a nice try.
Those innocent eyes, who could resist them.

So, in case you wonder why post infrequently these days, I probably had a long day at 2 jobs and am right now hanging out with Mr Paula and a cup of tea.


  1. singer!! Fantastic second job if I say so myself

  2. Hi Jen, well, not exactly a singer! I only ask questions. sticking themicrophones into other, wise and smart people's faces who have somethings to say. At night I prepare the equipment (charge the devices etc). So maybe more B Wayne than C Kent? ;-) Anyhow, the double-life is part of a the Gemini's life. :-)

  3. Oh I'm so glad you elaborated, Clark!

    I was imagining you as a *DJ* -- which might explain your obsession with hair rollers...perhaps your alternate required a spandex-heavy wardrobe and an elaborate Marie Antoinette 'do?

    But the truth is quite interesting as well. However, I'm sure you are DONE by end of day (night?). Is this 2nd job one that goes as long as you want it to or is there an end date in sight?

  4. I see, the "Super MC" is a tad confusing.
    I tried to create a twist: Clark Kent - Superman, well ... did not turn out very well.

    Vix, Speaking of Marie Antoinette and spandex - I almost forgot there is a 3rd - well not job but passion:
    you see the dress - not so bad, no?
    Unfortunatelly I will have to turn down an offer coming from the corner of the 3rd job/passion (it is timeconsuming and comes with lots of fun but costs too much energy in the long turn).

    So I am left with the 2 jobs. The 2nd job is never "done". After every project comes the next, it's up to me to say "yes" or "no". One project takes about 25-30 working hours and takes about 1 month until it is done. Now you can imagine, why I enjoyed the last 2 months so much! All the free evenings and weekends!