Wednesday, 16 February 2011

What a Waste

This is not a dark-chocolate roll, filled with hazelnut cream.

This is what is left of a bottle of Giorgio Armani Maestro Mascara after 2 years. I admit, I use mascara way beyond the recommended expiring date which is said to be 4 months. Since I did not notice any deterioration of performance I did not see a reason to throw it away. Now that I follow Lisa Eldridge's words, I ended the relationship with this mascara. And since I am a Water Rat (born in the year of the Rat /element Water), I am curious by nature. The saw-tooth knife did a good job, within a few seconds the bottle was open and as you can see, there still was a lot of mascara left – after 2 years, using only this mascara on a regular, not daily basis.

Dear Cosmetic Companies,
why not sell smaller packaging sizes?

I just opened my mail:
The answer to the question above is: they don't sell smaller sizes, because they give them away for free. The sample size is actually my perfect size. No doubt I will get one of those samples and probably use it for the next months.


  1. Liebe Paula,
    da hast Du absolut recht!Da unterschreibe ich gleich drunter, sollte es jemals eine *Herumreich-Liste* geben, damit Firmen ihre Artikel überdenken...
    Ich quetsche und schraube auch immer alles auf, um das letzte Quentchen des guten Inhalts noch benutzen zu können und bei Dingen, wo man nicht mehr rankommt, es aber augenscheinlich noch Reste gibt, schüttele ich auch den Kopf. Was eine Verschwendung!
    Danke für Deine nette Zeile gestern...habe mich sehr darüber gefreut! :) Bin immer noch nicht so fit, aber wird schon....!
    Alles Liebe, Beate

  2. Liebe Beate, zur Zeit nagt auch die Frühjahrsmüdigkeit oder die Post-Weihnachtskekse-Müdigkeit an mir, so sehr, dass ich bald ein paar Postings auf Deutsch einlegen werden, einfach weil es weniger Energie und leichter von der Hand geht kostet :-) Die Follower sind zwar bis auf dich hier alle englischsprachig, aber ich weiß von einigen Freundinnen aus Wien, denen das gar nix machen würde, mal Deutsche postings zu lesen. Vielleicht verrätst du mir, wo du den Übersetzungsmodus in den Einstellungen gefunden hast? Das finde ich sehr praktisch.

  3. sorry to see it go to waste. I'm also a rat and and always curious on what things look like. Glad to see you cut the bottle open :)

  4. I always use mascara until the brush comes out completely dry. I know I shouldn't.

    Lovely blog.

  5. ps. I gave you an award

  6. Confession: I have NEVER listened to any of those cosmetics "rules."
    I use everything until it runs out...
    I only use Chanel, mainly because I love the packaging...
    I like their mascara which comes in a black tube with silver around the middle, give it a go!

  7. Two years is a bit too long.. Maybe there is too much stuff in the tube, if it lasts so long.
    But nourishing cremes, which are awfully expensive, run down all too fast!

  8. OK Paula, You are fulfilling your promise to entertain me.
    Your comment on my blog this morning was a crack up.
    But sawing your mascara in two - takes the cake.
    Can't wait for your next unique cosmetic investigation.

  9. Damn I wanted to eat it too.
    How gorgeous is Lisa Elridge? I love watching her on TV