Thursday, 2 February 2012

A Quick Update On Short Hair


I feel as if I were to lose your attention in my hair-issues by the time I get my haircut (the week after next week), if I continue blogging on other people's short hair much longer.
But, I thought I'd show you Cameron. Gladly, her curls/waves were not a perm but more of a gag, because this is what her hair looks like:
Looking at Cameron I get the impression that even with all that money at her hands, she can't handle that annoying greasy shine on the forehead and chin, which is somehow comforting, stuggling with that grease myself, and somehow not at all, since I would rather read that there is an anti-dote available that tames those nasty greasy T-zones. Blot. Blot. Blot. And no, I am not confusing highlighters with greasy shine.

Some fashion bloggers say the quite short bob makes her look older than she actually is. True? Maybe not older but more serious, since she is know as a sporting ace and not so much as a lady.
I might print those pictures and take the to the hairdresser and I think it's a good idea. How short will I go?


  1. I think Cameron looks great and I say: be as brave as you can and go for it! :-) Personally, I'm letting mine grow (after sporting a Bob from Fall 2009 till summer 2010). Let's see, how long I'll last, but for now more excited about your appointment in a couple of weeks. take care, Macs

  2. Macs, time in on my side this time! I need to leave the salon after 2 hours, which means there is no time for talking back and forth. I will just hand some photos over to the maestro and let him work. No discussing. He probably won't recognize because I always discuss over everything, the colour, the strands, the shampoo .. well, except for the coffee.

    I had no idea, short hair would so rich in variety. Before I always thought long hair leaves you with all options but the truth is, when your hair is long, your don't dare to cut off a few inches which hardly ever changes the overall look. Whereas with short hair, 1, 2 inches means a whole new world. :-)

  3. love Cameron's hair, but she looks old because she's too tanned and too skiny and she looks tired somehow...difficult to explain.
    but as a rule short hair rejuvenate a person not the other way around.

  4. coffeeaddict, yes, you have a point here! Sun-damages. Why is she so tired? Hopefully a man is keeping her up at night and not worries!