Monday, 27 February 2012

Short Note on My Absence

This is the time, once again, where I would love to post more frequently, because a lot of interesting and exciting things happen, but I am running out of time!

The reason is my second job, the one at the radio station. It consumes all my free and spare time. This month I have been meeting the community of Philippinas in Vienna. I will portray their lifes in Vienna. Well, as good as you can portray lifes within in 10-12 minutes time. Those women are almost invisible in our daily lives, when they come and clean our offices early in the morning or late at night, while all the employees are at home.
I wanted to get to know them better, to understand how they came here and how they feel in our culture.
Picture taken during a women's fellowship-meeting at one of the women's home.
After sharing, praying, singing and eating it was playtime.

I have been listening to hours of interviews. Above all is their wish to find and have a job, work is what they search for when they leave home. This sounds so different from what many Austrians think about foreigners – that all they want is to come here so they can exploit our system of social welfare.

Their openness and hospitality during those last weeks was so different from the way I approach foreigners. I truly enjoyed this project. I love to meet new worlds, particularly those happening behind next door. This is the reason why I do this 2nd job that does not pay well at all!

So much for the update!

Thinking about my motiviation for this project - the wish to get to know those women better - it seems as if I've succeeded. "Hey, hello Paula!" "Tschüühüss Paula!!" Those who had no idea of the other's existance before became acquainted.


  1. wow, double wow actually! what a great project, I'm impressed. would love to see some of the stories on your blog :-)

  2. I hope you will post further on this topic. I would love to know what the Filipinas have to say about living in Austria! I lived in the Philippines for 3 years as a teenager (my father was in the Navy and was stationed in Subic Bay) and I learned a lot about their culture, people and food. Ask the ladies to make you some pancit and pork adobo! It's the best! XO, Jill

  3. This is lovely - I can't remember, when I've last seen so many people smile (all at once)! Good to hear you not only had fun, but also made some lovely experiences. xox, Macs

  4. Hi Paula
    I would also be interested to read more of your stories on your blog. This one sounds particularly interesting


  5. coffeeaddict, I enjoy this kind of work. It pays bad, really bad. That's why it is important for me that whenever I take up a project like this, I need to feel a genuine interest in the topic.

    several Filipinas described the same observation in Austria: they love the honesty they find here. I was not aware of Austria as a particulary honest nation. :-)

    Macs, it seems as if they can't help but laugh. A lot! So wholesome ...

    Hi Jo, thank you for your interest! It is a bit difficult for me to write about it. On one side, because the topics are so large, hard to capture in a posting. And while being engaged with a project, I am so busy, I hardly find any time to blog. In case I run out of topics I will return to those stories, for sure!