Friday, 27 April 2012


A few nights ago I spent some time in the kitchen after a long absence from my favourite place in the apartment: the kitchen. While the carotte-courgette-loafs where frizzling in the pan, I was cooling down, leaving some busy weeks of work behind me. And admiring my re-grown nails.
I am not exaggerating: In my opinion these nails do look like fake/gel/whatever-you-can-buy-nails: perfect!

The secret to healthy nails is: you have to be very busy, so there is no time left for activities such as cooking or backing. Being notably absent in the kitchen is the secret. Over the Christmas Season my nails were literally gone - all the sugar, butter and dishwashing-detergent during the Christmas Season had killed them. The nails where brittling, soft, peeling, every nail-horror you could imagine was ending at my fingertips. I even had thoughts about changing my profile-thumbnail (Haha, thumbNAIL), since it no longer related to me. Finally, they are back, just in time for some summery polishes.

This photo was taken around 10.30 pm, usually not my dinner time. But I felt as if I needed something to cool down.The loafs where still sizzling when I met this tiny guy:

Soon it will make sense again to clean the windows. The site vis a vis is coming to an end. The black winter sky makes a nice background.
For the last 4 months (since New Year's Eve), these two horseshoes have been resting on our sideboard:
They do magic work, look how lucky I am:

No, I am not talking about the joy of queuing up.
 ... living in a city, where artisanal bread is finally available, after decades (yes, DECADES!) of a more than depressing state of "breadloaf-like-shaped-substances", that had nothing in common with actual bread.
 ... a job which gives variety on a regular basis.

 ... meeting new people in this city, who lead me to perfect after-work-chill-out-places. The "Adria Wien" has been around for a few years but I never made it there. Sooo relaxé!
 ... knowing where the best ice-cream is sold and treasuring the memory of those two 12yr-old girls, who loved to visit this ice-cream parlour the very first day it reopened after the winter-break. And 27 years later I still feel the excitement when the "kleines Gemischtes" is being served. 
... being close friends who not only understand our (mine and Mr Paula's) childish attitude but also support it by adding this lovely danish pilot to our home.

I think I finally cooled down. Right in time for a hot weekend, temperatures are said to go up to 30°C. Which is 30° more compared to the temperatures last night.
Have a wonderful weekend!

xo Paula

PS: in case you can't find the facettes in this posting, take a 2nd look at the tiny green guy.

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